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Improving Sales, Marketing and Service with Programmable Numbers

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on June 5, 2018 at 1:36 PM

It’s no secret that companies are struggling to improve the customer experience and only 13% rate their customer experience delivery at 9 out of 10 or better. Could this be because brands are forgetting to look internally? Think about it: you can’t deliver an outstanding customer experience unless your employees are empowered to do so.

Innovating Sales, Marketing and Service with Programmable NumbersThis starts to make sense once you look at the research. This “State of Work” report, for example, shows that managers find key processes within sales, marketing and service to be the most time-consuming and frustrating. Overall, 90% say their productivity depends on the efficiency of other departments, yet 80% of teams still use archaic tools for getting work done.

We’d say there’s a problem here.

Improving these internal processes starts with improved communications. By this we mean programmable numbers: numbers without a direct telephone line that run on seamless, multi-location connectivity. When powered by an API, these numbers can also be integrated directly into workflows to trigger call and text notifications.

With the ability to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime, these numbers can accelerate service processing and delivery as well as trigger important notifications to salespeople, like new order notifications, no matter where they happen to be. The flexible, agile nature of these numbers is also perfect for improving key marketing initiatives like lead nurturing and campaign tracking.

See exactly how programmable numbers can be used to improve internal processes across different industries.


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