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Posted by Natalie DeCario on April 5, 2013 at 1:17 PM
Natalie DeCario


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Welcome back! I have so many new and exciting VoIP Innovations things to tell you about this week.

Let's start with our website. If you've ever wanted to search for available numbers through our website, you've probably noticed that we only had CNAM Storage and T38 available to search for. We've recently added the SMS feature to this list so now your search results will show which numbers have SMS capabilities and which don't. Click here to visit the Available Numbers search page.


SMS Feature in Available Numbers Click to enlarge

Now let's talk a little bit about some new features we've added to our VoIP Innovations Back Office. We have an entire section dedicated to our Rate Decks. If you look under the Termination tab, you'll see a section call 'My Rate Decks.' Once you're there you can now see which rate decks are active and which are inactive.

My Rate Decks

As you can see from this screen shot, the red circles indicates that the rate deck is inactive while the green will show that it is active. This was designed to eliminate the extra steps our customers had to take when trying to find which rate deck they were actually operating on. The even cooler piece to this new feature were the stats that they added. When you're in the active Rate Deck, you can see the overall stats for the entire deck and then below you'll find the stats for each individual carrier.

VoIP Innovations Rate Deck Stats


Rate Query Tool Rate Query Tool

The last Back Office update I have for you today is with our Rate Query tool. On this page you can select which Rate Deck you are interested in (T38, Standard, International, Enterprise International, Enterprise) and then enter a number to get the price for each call. This week, we have updated the cost per minute that we will support when our customers make a call. It used to be $0.25/minute but it has but upgraded to $0.50/min. We have to set a cap for all international calls to protect our customers and ourselves from any fraudulent activity that could potentially rack up the bill at the end of the month. If you visit the Rate Query page under the Tools section in the Termination tab, you'll see this message:

"Please note that we do not guarantee completion of calls over $0.50/minute due to several fraud detection systems. You may see rates higher than that amount returned, but we do not guarantee that route’s completion."

To wrap this week's news up, I want to tell you about our TPL or Titanium Private Label. Recently we've been going into to overdrive trying to make this site look better and function better. This week it received a huge face-lift when we restructured the menu bar and added a spot where the users can put their own logo. Before this face-lift, there were only a few tabs in the menu bar that each held TONS of info. Now it's better organized and easier to navigate. We like to think that now it's user friendly, not loser friendly.There were also better reporting tools added to this site. Looking specifically under the billing section, there is now a Customer Revenue Report that tells the re-seller what services they are offering, the cost, and the quantity sold as well as gross profits and gross profit margins. The other report that was added to billing was the Total Cost Report. This allows users to select a date range and see the total quantity and total cost of each charge. They can also export this information to keep it for their records.

Rate Deck Stats












COMING SOON to a Back Office near you...

Next week we have a bunch of exciting things happening with TPL. The first change will be made in billing. When everything is finished, TPL customers will be able to use our billing module without having to use our collections module. Before, customers only had the option to pay their bills by credit card. After the updates, they have the option to pay by which ever method they choose; cash, check, PayPal, chickens :P This is something that our TPL users have been asking for and it's going to be exciting when it all gets released.

We are also giving TPL users the ability to change the prices at which they sell their packages for. Before, we only had a static price point that they had to sell it for. With the new features, users now have two options: Standard Charge Type and Custom Charge Type. Standard Charge Type allows customers to adjust the price to whatever they want, but they cannot add or delete any costs. With the Custom Charge Type, they can change the price, as well as add addition charges. For example if they want to sell their customers hardware, like a phone, they can add the price of that phone to the customers invoice. This is just one more way that we are giving TPL users more control over their business.

The last two 'coming soon' features that you can expect to see in the coming weeks are Toll-Free numbers and inbound and outbound fax services. The inbound fax is simply sending a fax to an email address and the outbound is emailing a document to a fax number.

All in all I'd say VoIP Innovations has been rather busy and it seems like they're going to stay busy! From an outsider's perspective, seeing the development staff work on these features and functionalities is exciting. I sit in on their meetings and most of the time I don't really get what their saying, but it's still an interesting experience to be immersed in that atmosphere. They bounce ideas off of each other (and sometimes stress balls) and they produce great things. Kudos to you guys and keep up the great work!

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