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A Chat with Nat

Posted by Jason Tapolci on March 1, 2013 at 11:27 AM
Jason Tapolci

856175_4506780115326_116638599_oWelcome back to A Chat with Nat! I first and foremost want to make everyone aware that our subscribe feature is back up and running. If you take a look at the top right hand corner, directly under all of our social media buttons, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. If you subscribe, you'll get email notifications letting you know when we post a new article to our blog. While you're in that area, you should also check out all of our social media sites if you haven't already!

I want to first start by announcing that the VI Guy has officially been trademarked! He's one of the most notable parts of VoIP Innovations and I’m sure you've seen him appearing in, and on, just about everything we do. If you have no idea who I’m referring to, he’s that guy standing next to this blog post.

If you remember from my last blog I mentioned that a few of our team members were packing up and heading to Las Vegas for the Channel Partners Conference. I got word from them last night that everything was going great there. They even sent along some pictures! If you want to see more of their pictures, take a look at our Facebook Page.


Now that we got those things covered, let's get down to some VoIP Innovations business, shall we? This week we rolled out a ton of few new features to our BackOffice Dashboards. Our last blog post tells you all about the new Feedback Management System that was added. It's a fantastic tool that allows customers to easily submit their feedback and requests for new or improved features. There are also tools that give customers the ability to locate and track where their feedback and feature requests are. That means that they can tell which features are pending, which ones are started, which ones are completed, and they can even get an estimated completion date. Pretty cool, right?

Dashboard 2.0 has also been released this week and it isn't much different from the recently updated one. We noticed there were some pieces missing from the last update so the release of 2.0 this week combined the new revisions with the old functionalities. We also developed a new option for our advanced BackOffice users. It’s called the Endpoint Hunt Type and it’s designed to change the way we send DID traffic to our customer’s endpoints. Top Down and Round Robin are the two types available for this new feature and you can check out the Wiki article that goes more into depth about these.

We also added some new service notifications that were put in place to alert a customer that there has been some kind of change to their account, such as an addition or deletion of services. First they have to agree to the actual change and once they do, an email will be sent to multiple people letting them know everything was confirmed. This is an important element in preventing any billing or service discrepancies between us and the customers. Additionally, we added a new process that allows customers to deactivate their accounts. The process outlines the specific steps a customer would need to take if they choose to leave us, and we hate to see them go!

Customer feedback is a driving force to our company and we are always listening to their opinions. One of the things they wanted to see on our dashboard was a combined view of their origination and termination DID usages. We took that feedback and developed a complete DID Usage Report. This is a great feature that tells our customers the in- and outbound minutes that each of their DIDs are using, along with the cost associated with them. We also went a step further and developed an Endpoint Usage Report that breaks down our customers switches into the number and cost of their origination and termination minutes.

As I bring this post to an end, I want to let you know that staying up to date with our Terms of Service is very important. This week we have posted the updated information and it is available on our website to view or download. Some of the new subjects added to this are Rate Deck Selections, Billing Notifications, the use of multiple credit cards and E911 Alert Notifications. As always, it was a pleasure writing to you and if you have any comments for me or this post, reply at the bottom of this page or shoot me an email at natalied@voipinnovations.com.

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