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An Explanation of Fax to Email: Part 2

Posted by Natalie DeCario on April 30, 2014 at 7:55 AM
Natalie DeCario

Welcome back to Part 2 of Tom Cavey's Email and Faxing services breakdowns. Last week, Tom explained how to set up and use our Email to Fax service. In today's post, he flips the message and talks about our Fax to Email services.

Fax to E-mail Overview

Our Fax to E-mail service allows you to receive incoming faxes in the form of an e-mail when one of your DIDs is called/faxed. Your e-mail will include a PDF attachment of the fax transmission.

Fax to E-mail Setup

First of all, you will want to ensure that your DID supports the T38 feature, as this is necessary for faxing through our service. To check if your DID supports this, go to DIDs > My DIDs > My Local DIDs (or My Toll-Free DIDs) and you will notice the T38 column. If there is a check mark in this box, then your DID supports this feature. This cannot be turned off or on. A DID either supports T38, or does not depending on the VI carrier that it resides on. If your DID does not support T38, but you would like to have this feature, you would need to port the number to a different VI carrier that supports it. To check if this is possible, go to Porting > Provisioning Check. Place a check in the T38 box, check all carriers, and click “Check LNP Availability”. This will return results stating which carrier(s) the DID could be ported to. If you see “Portable=YES”, then that DID is able to be ported. To proceed with this process, submit a new port by going to Porting > Submit LNP. If you are ordering a new DID from VoIP Innovations, you will want to ensure that your new DID supports T38 before purchasing it.

Enabling Fax to E-mail

Now we will discuss how to enable Fax to E-mail on a DID. Please note that this is a dedicated service, and your DID will no longer be able to receive normal conversational calls.

Navigate to DIDs > My DIDs > My Local DIDs and find the DID that you wish to edit. Click the pen/paper icon to bring up the edit screen. On the DID tab, place a check mark in the “Fax to Email” box. Here, you can enter the e-mail address that you wish to receive faxes for. You may enter multiple e-mail addresses separated with a semicolon, but please note that this box has a 100-character limit. If you need more e-mail addresses for a specific DID, our best recommendation would be to create a distribution list. When you’re finished, click “Update DID” and after 10-15 minutes, you will be able to receive faxes.

Enabling Fax to Email

Now, when someone sends a fax to your DID, the recipients will receive an e-mail from titaniumvfax.com that includes the call from, call to, timestamp, and number of pages, as well as a PDF file that includes the actual fax transmission.

Fax to E-mail Troubleshooting

  • Error: A call was received on your fax line, however no fax was received or the attempt failed.
    • This may have happened because someone dialed your Fax to E-mail DID from an actual phone, and did not send any fax information. For example, if I were to call your Fax to Email DID from my cellular phone, the recipient(s) would receive an e-mail stating that you received a call on your fax line, but no fax was received. You may also see this error when the sending side of the fax did not properly transmit the T38/fax.
  • The e-mail was not received by the recipient(s) after the sending side verified they sent the fax.
    • The end-mail server may be blocking these e-mails. Please have the recipient(s) check their junk/spam folders. Their mail server also may be catching these before ever delivering them to the mailbox. Please have their e-mail administrator investigate to see if this is the case. Also, you may want to consider adding an additional e-mail address to your DID, such as Gmail. Send a test fax to your DID (you could even use our E-mail to Fax service), and if the incoming e-mail is received in Gmail, but not the other address, then it is likely that there is an issue with that mail server.

Well, that’s all for today! I hope Part 1 and 2 helped to get you better acquainted with our e-faxing services. See you next time!

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