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Chat with Nat

Posted by Natalie DeCario on September 20, 2013 at 10:48 AM
Natalie DeCario


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Happy Friday everyone! We're getting ready to wrap up our week and hopefully you are too. Let's jump right into this Chat with Nat and fill you in on some things that happened this week at VoIP Innovations.

On Tuesday we announced our partnership with ICON Voice Networks and Bicom Systems. These strategic partnership came about thanks to the interoperability testing that we did. After all the testing, it was determined that our services are compatible with theirs. If you want to read more about these partnerships, check out the blog post that has links to the Wiki articles with more information on the configuration processes.

This week we also featured a great Guest Post from Yvonne Hart at Compare Broadband. Yvonne wrote about the importance having the right internet when moving to VoIP services and she points out some great things consider and check for. You can find her post here!

VoIP Innovations Made the Tech 200The next announcement I have for you is that we made the Tech 200 list! We were notified earlier this week that we placed 56th on the National List of privately-held tech businesses. The Tech 200 winners were ranked based on revenue percentage growth from 2010 to 2012. The average revenue growth this year was 250%! That's fantastic! Congratulations to all of the other companies who also made this list.

This week our managers had a great training session with Brad Withers who coached them on things like leadership, team building, systems thinking, communication and much more. Here's a picture of everyone intently learning from Brad! I also have to mention that they are in our brand new conference room. It's completely enclosed with class and equipped with a Smartboard, TV and movable tables. It's a great new space for our office.


Speaking of training and education, VoIP Innovations University (VIU) is moving along rapidly and we're getting exciting for it to be launched soon. We're in the process of creating a home for it in the BackOffice and giving it the look and feel that represents who we are. We're also working on pulling together all of the white papers, blog posts, Wiki articles, and training videos. The VIU YouTube channel is all up and running so you can get a preview of some of the videos that we'll be featuring. As of right now, the release date is still to be determined, but don't worry because it's coming VERY SOON.

Let's take a look into what we have coming for next week:

  • We have recently entered into an agreement with Windstream to buy DIDs and Origination.This is an agreement that will further bolster our aggregation of the top VoIP carriers.
  • We'll be adding a brand new Conference Bridging feature to our BackOffice soon. Make sure you keep and eye out for more information on this.
  • Our Customizable Rate Deck feature is going live next week after months and months of development and beta testing. This feature is going to rock the industry and we can't wait for it to start rolling out. Please be advised that this is only available to customers who request it. If you are interested in using it when it is released, please contact your Sales Rep.

That just about wraps up this week's Chat with Nat! We have some great things coming soon, so please keep visiting our social media sites and blog for the most up-to-date information. It's even easier to keep up with our blog posts if you subscribed to us and get email notifications every time a post is published. :)


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