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Posted by Natalie DeCario on April 12, 2013 at 6:43 AM
Natalie DeCario


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So who’s ready for the weekend? I know I am! Today I have a bunch of great VoIP Innovations stuff for you guys. While there aren’t many updates from the development world this week, there are a few shout outs and congratulations to share with you.

I want to start with our Support team. Randy Stegner, the VoIP Innovations Technical Service Manager, is in charge of this department and he “has been doing a phenomenal job! His teams is working like a well-oiled machine,” said President of VoIP Innovations, Jason Tapolci. Randy is also the main contributor to our Wiki, so if you haven’t checked that out yet, make sure you do!

Praise to the Support team doesn’t stop there. Hopefully if you’ve been reading our blog posts and news releases you can tell that our customers are our number one priority. The feedback that we get from them is what keeps us on our toes and keeps us ahead of the rest of the industry. Well, we had one customer stop by the office this week to get an inside look at how we operate at VoIP Innovations. His name is Nolan Rollo from KW Corporation. He’s had so many great things to say about our support staff and it’s always great to hear such great things from a loyal customer. If you want to see his testimonials, along with others, click here and visit our testimonials page. Nolan was on his way back to KW Corporation in Lansing, Michigan when he decided to stop by. We definitely made him feel welcome by having him sit in our development and VoIP Innovations morning meetings. One of our Network Operations Center (NOC) techs, Ian Hambelton even went out for a few beers with him while he was in town! It was great to have you visit us Nolan!

The Support team aren't the only ones who deserve some special recognition because our Porting team has been doing a great job as well. For starters, the Development team has built them a number port-out tool that checks for number port-outs. All that means is that if a number has been ported-out, our staff, along with the customer will be notified. The Development team is also working on building Porting a project management tool that is designed to stream line the project porting process and help in reducing human error. There is also some well-deserved recognition for our Porting team because in March we saw a record number of ports! Those include the standard <50 DID ports and the project >50 DID ports. Great job everyone and keep up all the awesome work!

Let’s move on to some other congratulations, shall we? This week our sales team grew by one when we brought on Jerry Winiarski to the Sales Support team. His main responsibilities are to assist Jessica Brown, our full time Customer Service and Sales Support Manager, in farming accounts. He is currently calling all existing accounts and offering to give them a Back Office tour that brings them up to speed on all our new developments. Hopefully these calls are helping Jerry find opportunities to makes sales. Good luck and welcome aboard Jerry!

As I just mentioned, Jessica Brown is our full time Customer Service and Sales Support Manager. She has recently moved to Hawaii (is anyone else as jealous as I am??) and chose to continue working with VoIP Innovations. She is great at searching for porting projects and she is the main point of contact for our customers who have sales related questions. Jessica’s roles is a vital one for our sales team because while she handles all of the sales support calls, our sales team can focus on tracking their leads and making sales.

Sales is also getting ready to pack up for the International Telecoms Weeks (ITW) trade show in Chicago. Corey Potts from our sales teams will be attending this trade show on May 13-15 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The last bit of sales info I have for you today is about a job opening. We are looking for full time account managers for the VoIP Innovations Sales Department. If you are interested, or know anyone else who is, please send your resume to sales@voipinnovations.com.

If you read last week’s Chat with Nat, you should remember me talking about how we’re starting to provide Toll-free services. To make this happen smoothly, we’ve had to break it down into a three step process; adding a solid carrier, becoming a RESPORG (Responsible Organization), and building an LCR (Least Cost Routing) system. Once those steps were started we were able to start moving forward with our Toll-free services. We have added Verizon Toll-free services to our own Toll-free routes, which is in addition to Level 3 and Shango, and we became a RESPORG this past year and which allows us to directly manage Toll-free numbers from the SMS database. The last step, building the LCR, is what we’re working towards completing next. Our plans are to roll out a true Toll-free LCR system that allows calls to be instantly routed to the least cost Toll-free provider. This will help reduce prices and increase route redundancy. Along with all of the other features we plan on offering with our Toll-free services, we will also allow for E911 services on Toll-free numbers.

As I bring this week’s Chat with Nat to an end, I want to talk a little bit about our Carrier Relations. We have just added a few new termination carriers to our list and they will be able to provide us with reduced pricing and additional redundancy. This was the work of our full time Vendor Relations Manager, Sebastian Kiely. If you are a carrier who is interested in selling to us, please visit our Carrier Relations page for more information.

That’s a wrap! We all have to get ready for an office kick ball game today. Don’t worry though, we’ll still have support staff in the office to assist you with any questions. Make sure you’re checking our Facebook page on Monday for pictures of today’s game. Have a great weekend!

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