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Posted by Natalie DeCario on August 2, 2013 at 11:37 AM
Natalie DeCario

Who’s excited for the weekend? I know I am! I want to start by sharing two new features we added to our BackOffice this week. The first was the date range that is now available on the Clients and My DID Groups main page. We also added this date range feature to the My 911 and My Endpoint Group pages. Check out the image below to see what it looks like:

Wholesale VoIP Date Ranges

The second feature we released in our wholesale VoIP BackOffice was the ability to see the number of unregistered DIDs a customer has associated with their account. This information can be found on the main Account Overview page as well as in the E911 Overview Dashboard. This display shows the total number of unregistered Local DIDs and the total number of unregistered Toll-Free DIDs. When looking at this information on the E911 Overview Dashboard, customers can see how many registered DIDs they had, how many E911 calls they made, and how many of those were Rogue calls.

20130802_Unregistered 911 numbers

This week we also published a Guest Post called, Why More Mobile Broadband Providers are Supporting VoIP. It was written by Andy Heaps who is the Chief Technical Advisor for thecomparison.co.uk. He talks about the connection between VoIP and the rise of smart phones. Mobile companies who are hesitant to make the switch to VoIP need to realize that it has come a long way in its nearly two decade existence. It is faster and more reliable and can offer their customers great service.

I next want to mention that we have a white paper coming out next week on Wireshark that was written by our Technical Services Manager, Randy Stegner. What is Wireshark, you ask? Well, Wireshark is an open source utility that is capable of in-depth analysis of network packets. Basically it helps with troubleshooting VoIP telephone systems. It’s an interesting tool and if you’re not aware of its capabilities, then you really want to check out this white paper!


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The last bit of news I want to share with all of you is about a new video series we’re starting next week. As you probably know, we offer a wide variety of VoIP services. But do you really know the full capacity of those services? Maybe, maybe not, but this video series is going to open your eyes. The videos will be short and sweet but full of important how-to information on the services we offer though our BackOffice. We’re starting off the series with a bang because we’re going to feature three videos next week: how to use My DID Groups, how to edit DIDs in My DID Groups and how to use My E911 Groups. Like I mentioned, these are short videos that show our customers the full capabilities of our BackOffice. Keep checking our Facebook page and YouTube Channel for these.

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