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Posted by Natalie DeCario on May 3, 2013 at 12:37 PM
Natalie DeCario


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Welcome back to another Chat with Nat! VoIP Innovations has had another busy week full of exciting new things! I first want to mention that our Free Toll-free porting promotion is still happening! You have until May 10th to go to our website and enter the discount code “FREETOLLFREE” when submitting a number port. HURRY!

On Monday we released a white paper on Traffic Pumping, which is something that can occur during long distance calls because they are generally handled by a few different telephone companies. There’s tons of great info in this white paper that can help you spot Traffic Pumping and then show you where to file a complaint if you suspect it.

On Tuesday we had a guest post from GetVoIP.com that analyzed the major differences in Wholesale and Private Label VoIP Services. This was a very good time for us to have this article because we are currently revamping our entire Titanium Private Label (TPL) services and it offers great insight for our customers and potentials customers who want more information on the two.

Also this week we added a DID groups drop down box to the LOA (Letter of Authorization) form. This allows customers to choose a DID group when porting a number to us. After the customers choose the DID group, the number ports will automatically be assigned to that chosen DID Group.

Do you remember when we released the My DID Groups in our BackOffice in March? Well this week we’ve been working hard on an updated My Endpoint Group feature. When this is released, our customers will have a better looking and better functioning endpoint group system that gives them more management tools. If you can’t wait until we release this on Monday, why don’t you take a look at this Wiki article that walks you through this updated feature, but you can still expect to see a press release and a blog article on Monday that talks even more about it. Can you tell we’re excited about this one?

That last item I want to bring up is that I want to hear from you. Is there something happening in the VoIP industry that you find neat or is there something that you want to know more about? Email me at natalied@voipinnovations.com and tell me about it! I’m always looking for new things to write about and since it’s YOU who’s reading, I want to give you something that you’ll enjoy reading. With that being said, have a great weekend!

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