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Posted by Natalie DeCario on April 26, 2013 at 12:07 PM
Natalie DeCario


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VoIP Innovations had a great week this week! We started off by releasing a new notification system that alerts customers when they are experiencing a switch failure. We also released a pretty good white paper that explained what wholesale VoIP taxes and fees are, who they affect, and how they should be a factor when choosing a VoIP carrier or provider.

Since we already talked a little bit about a new customer notification that we’ve developed, I want to mention a change we’ve made to another notification system. If you are one of our customers who utilizes our fax to email services, you already know that you get notifications whenever there is a fax fail. Well, when we configured this system, we didn’t realize it would become a nuisance to our customers. To solve this problem, we simply decided to remove these notifications. As for the completion notifications, those will remain active and continue to be sent out to our customers.

If you read my Chat with Nat from last week, then you probably remember me talking about the Toll-free discounts we are offering. We want our customers to celebrate our new Toll-free number services with us, by porting Toll-free number for FREE. That’s right, I said it; porting Toll-free number for FREE. If you are an existing customer, all you have to do is enter “FREETOLLFREE” in the discount code section of our online LOA. May 10th is the last day of this promotion so don't miss your chance to take advantage of it! If you are not a customer but would still like to take advantage of this deal, please fill out the form on our inquiry page to contact sales.

The next piece of info I have for you today revolves around our international DID origination pricing. We currently have a flat rate system in place for our international DID pricing. That means a UK DID might be $5.00/DID/month, include two channels, and all the minutes you can use. Our new pricing will be sold much like our domestic DIDs are sold. That means that under the new pricing strategy, DIDs will have a MRC (monthly recurring cost) as well as a per minute usage fee. International DID MRCs will range from $1.00 to $5.00 depending on the country and will have a $.01/minute flat rate inbound usage fee.

Denise, EOTM. VoIP Innovations I also need to give a huge shout out to Denise Breide. At our Month End Meeting today, she was recognized as the Employee of the Month for March. She wasn’t able to accept her award though, since she left for a Hawaiian vacation this week! We love having Denise as a VoIP Innovations employee and we know our customers love her too. Here’s what some people around the office had to say about her:

"I wrote extensively last month about why I think that Denise deserves EOTM and I am voting for her again this month. I stand by last month's assessment and will not rehash everything I wrote. Another month has gone by and Denise continues to be an asset to both VoIP Innovations' porting department and ABG Capital. She has stepped up in project porting but not only that, she willingly helps out with any issue she can. A definite team player. For example, VI had an issue this month involving Toll-Free DIDs related to RespORG. We had a customer that as a result of the problem, was out of service on several numbers. Denise was able to handle this issue and greatly assisted in getting these numbers back in service for the customer. Although I don't work directly with her on a day-to-day basis, I have much Respect for Denise and everything she does for our company. I would love to see her be recognized as EOTM."
− Randy Stegner

"Denise has taken on a position that we have tried in the past and failed with. Project porting has always been a sore spot which is why Jessica Brown in sales handled them. Denise is organized, has a great rapport with our customers, and does what it takes to get the job done. She is always trying to find ways to save us money with pricing. This was not an easy position to move into but she has taken and molded it into her own and is doing a fantastic job. She went as far as contacting a carrier on her own to get half price ports for a project because saving our company money is a top priority for her. Winning EOTM has been months coming for Denise."
− Jessica Young

Next week we have a bunch of good stuff planned for you. There is another white paper about traffic pumping, an article about Wireshark, and another one that will cover the development life cycle of a new or updated feature. We also have a guest blog from GetVoIP.com to look forward too. I wrote a guest blog for them as well that covered VoIP fraud. I got the majority of my info from our articles on International VoIP Fraud and BackOffice Security. You can read that article here. That's just about wraps this up, have a great weekend everyone :)

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