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Posted by Natalie DeCario on August 9, 2013 at 11:28 AM
Natalie DeCario


Natalie DeCario | VoIP Innovations Click for my info!

It seemed like we had new features being released by the hour this week and I’ve been dying to tell everyone about them! But before I get into all the good stuff, I just want to recap some of the other things we posted on the blog this week.

  • Our Guest Post from Monday: How VoIP Can Save Small Businesses Money.
    • Author Chloe Trogden highlighted five ways that utilizing VoIP service can be financially beneficial to your company. Those five ways were: VoIP eliminates or reduces long-distance call charges, VoIP provides multiple tools for the price of one service, VoIP allows you to make updates with ease, VoIP facilitates telecommunication and VoIP offers a very secure connection. Click on the link above to read the entire article!
  • Guest Post coming next week: Troubleshooting Packet Delay in VoIP.
    • The Guest Post we’ll be featuring next week comes from Matt Larson, who is a repeat VoIP Innovations blogger. His first article on our blog was, Why is VoIP Quality Testing Necessary. Check back on our blog and social media sites for the link to his latest Guest Post.
  • A VoIP Innovations original white paper on Wireshark.
    • This white paper was written by our very own Product Services Manager, Randy Stegner. Randy has extensive knowledge on Wireshark and wrote a very easy to understand white paper that explains the benefits of using a VoIP troubleshooting tool like Wireshark. I really enjoyed this white paper because of the analogies he used; vehicles or dishwashers are just like your phone system in that eventually they start “exhibiting less than desirable behavior.” Many of you might find this white paper useful so don’t forget to take a look at it!

Now that we’ve got those housekeeping things out of the way, let’s talk about some of the exciting new features we released in the VoIP Innovations BackOffice this week.

  • Email to Fax Wiki article link added
    • Did you know that we have Email to Fax services? Well, we do and we just made it even easier to find instructions on how to set it up. If you’re a VoIP Innovations BackOffice user, simply open up a DID Group that has the DID you want to add Email to Fax too. When you hit the edit button a new menu will pop up and there will be a link that says, “Email to Fax Wiki Instructions.” If you want to tackle the setup without the instructions, then you’ll find the Email to Fax page under DIDs > My DIDs > My Email to Fax. If you don’t have access to our BackOffice and would like to read the Wiki article anyways, click here!
  • “Bulk Move” option added to My DID Groups and My E911 Groups
    • We got the idea for the feature from our customer feedback. Before we added this, customers could only bulk remove DIDs from a DID group. Now, customers can select which DIDs they want to move, pick the new groups and hit the “Move Selected DIDs to Group.” It’s really that easy! Little features like this one make a world of difference to our customers, and that’s what we aim to do with every new feature we add.
  • Adjustable Date Ranges added to main My DID Groups dashboard
    • This new feature was also generated from customer feedback. Our customers could select specific date ranges while inside a group and it would show them the metrics for each individual DID. This update allows them to adjust the date ranges while they’re on the main My DID Groups page so that they can see the metrics for the entire group. We added this feature to My DID Groups, My E911 Groups and My Endpoint Groups.
  • Ability to view and change Prepaid Target Balance added
    • Until now, your Prepaid Target Balance was a number you chose when you set up your account and it would get charged each time the amount got to 50% of the original target balance. Once you picked that number though, the only way to change it was by filling out some forms and waiting for them to cycle through our systems. We saw that this system just wasn’t cutting it so we developed a way for our customers to view and edit their target balance at any time. For VoIP innovations customers who are interested in accessing this, go to Billing > Make a Payment > Recurring Charges.
  • “Use Service Address for 911” checkbox added to Local Number Portability Porting Request Form
    • When filling out our LNP form, our customers have to type in their Service Address and then retype that address for the 911 section. The checkbox we added saves them some time when filling out the form. Again, this is another small feature that can make a huge difference in our customer’s experience.

Next week we have another great new feature to release in the BackOffice that our customers should love. It’s an updated Shopping Cart. If you’ve used our shopping cart lately, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not as user friendly and streamlined as it could be. We’ve been in the process of revamping that so it functions just as great as the rest of our BackOffice does. We’ve even added more information during the check-out process so you can really see what you’re buying. It’s planned to be released early next week.

The last big announcement I have to make is that we’re in the process of building VoIP Innovations University (VIU). This is going to be a brand new YouTube page that is full of short tutorial videos on how to navigate and utilize everything we have in our BackOffice. VIU will not only have videos for our Wholesale BackOffice, but we’ll also feature videos on our Titanium Private Label BackOffice. We plan to launch VIU on September 2, 2013 when Professor VI Guy has completed his PHD program. Stay tuned for more details on VIU!

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