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Posted by Natalie DeCario on March 28, 2014 at 7:42 AM
Natalie DeCario


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Happy Friday and welcome back to the VoIP Innovations Blog for another great Chat with Nat! This was a big week for us because we finally launched the End User Portal that we’ve been developing since January. The original idea behind the portal was very simple and straightforward, but once we got into the development stages we realized that this project was something bigger.

No other Wholesale VoIP provider in the industry has a BackOffice that is specifically designed for the end users to access. In most cases the end user has to contact the reseller in order to make any sort of changes to their account, but the introduction of the End User Portal has changed all of that. With the Portal, the end users have the ability to view and manage their own account without having to go through the reseller, which saves EVERYONE time. Our article about the End User Portal also includes links to the detailed Wiki article, as well as two tutorial videos. One video is geared toward the reseller and explains what they can still control from their VoIP Innovations BackOffice account and the second helps familiarize the end user with the features and functionalities of their new portal.

The second article that was featured on the VoIP Innovations blog this week talked about VoIP Legal Issues and Security Concerns. While VoIP is considered one of the best up and coming technologies, two of the biggest causes of concern are privacy and call fraud. The great thing about VoIP is that is it less expensive than traditional land lines, which makes it easier to spend more time talking on the phone. If not monitored correctly, sensitive information can be compromised. As for fraudulent activity with VoIP services, it’s always good to be aware of hackers who will abuse the system for phishing, spamming or causing Denial of Service Attacks (DoS). No matter the technology, always be aware of the security implications that come along with it.

The last article that we posted on the blog this week was from one of the VoIP Innovations Porting Representatives, Dave Smith. Our BackOffice is packed full of amazing features and functionalities, but new customers might feel intimated by that. To help create a smooth transition into a new BackOffice, Dave explains the steps that are involved with ordering Local DIDs. This is a basic function that everyone should know how to do and we think he explained it perfectly!

I also have some big news to announce this week… Over the past few weeks we’ve been working to revamp the VoIP Innovations website. It’s going to be a completely new site and we hope everyone will love it! It’s getting close to being finished, so keep checking back for the official launch date!

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