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Posted by Natalie DeCario on December 13, 2013 at 10:02 AM
Natalie DeCario


Natalie DeCario | VoIP Innovations Click for my info!

I’m happy to say that today is Friday and I have a bunch of things to fill you in on. Let me first give you a run-down on the things that happened this week and then I’ll share the things we have planned for next week.

Since I started reaching out to other departments, our internal blogging team is really starting to take off. I don’t get to deal with customers on a day-to-day basis like the rest of our employee’s do, so we were missing their unique perspective on the VoIP industry. I think it’s important that these employees have a voice on our blog and talk about what’s important to them. This week you got to read a story straight from our President, Jason Tapolci. He chose to write about Peering and how it is interconnecting the VoIP industry.

We also introduced some changes in our Porting Department. You will now deal with one Porting Rep for the entire porting process, instead of interacting with multiple people. This change is designed to increase the efficiency, minimize the chance for errors, and most importantly, build stronger relationships with our customers. The department also announced that starting in January, their new business hours will be 8:30-5 EST. For more details and future plans for the department, check out the post!

The last major announcement we have for the week is that yesterday we officially kicked-off our 2014 Annual Plan and announced it to the entire staff. There was a ton of time and energy put into this plan and we’re ready to take the New Year by storm! One thing that’s different about this year than any other year, is that we’ve really taken our theme to the next level. As you know, we have the VI Guy who is our leader, our mascot, and the brains of our entire operation. In 2014 we’re really going to see him shine because he’s going to take over the job of promoting our annual goals around the office so we can keep everyone’s eyes on the prize. We’ve even dedicated a whole wall to the VI Guy and our goals so there’s a daily reminder of the things we want to accomplish.


VoIP Innovations Goal Wall We're not sure what that thing is behind the Farmer... Oh wait! That's Barry our Provisioning Manager!

Now let’s talk a little bit about some of the things we have in store for next week. ITEXPO is coming up at the end of January and believe me when I tell you that we have plenty of awesome things in the works for our booth. Aside from our booth accessories, we’ll be showcasing the VoIP Innovations BackOffice and how it is uniquely designed to save our customers time in everything they do.

We also have a Guest Post coming from Robert Bellovin from Software Advice who did a Q&A with Craig Borowski, a Business Telephony Analyst from Software Advice. This article is focused around the idea that some people are hesitant to make the switch to VoIP because they don’t want to lose service if there is an internet failure. This post is full of tips that will help people feel more comfortable with the reliability of VoIP.

The last post we have planned for next week is going to be from me. I’ve worked at VoIP Innovations for almost a year now and no two days in our office are ever the same. I want to step away from the new product and feature announcements and introduce you to a side of VoIP Innovations that, until now, has only shown up in pictures posted to our social media sites. I think this post will give you a much better idea of who the people are and what our culture is like.

Tonight we have our Annual Holiday Party! We’ve been having these parties every year and they’re always such an enjoyable time. One thing that’s different this year is that we decided to do a signature cocktail naming contest. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been collecting submissions and they were all great, but there could only be three winners:

  • 1st Place – Barry’s “Flaming Stache”
  • 2nd Place – Erica’s “Erica’s Evil Elf”
  • 3rd Place – A tie between the following people, but they will be entered into a drawing so we can pick an official winner!
    • Jed’s “adbase1234”
    • Paul’s “The GlobalPOP”
    • Jessica’s “3Amigarita”

Also, please be aware that due to our Holiday Party tonight, our Porting Department will be closing at 4pm EST today.

The VI Guy Helping with Christmas!Speaking of the holiday season, we’ve been putting up some decorations around the office and the Christmas cheer is everywhere! The VI Guy is even getting into the Christmas spirit!

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