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Posted by Natalie DeCario on February 21, 2014 at 6:39 AM
Natalie DeCario


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Your VoIP Innovations Chat with Nat has rolled around once again! This is going to be a short one since we’re only working a half day because of our company wide bowling game. Just so everyone is aware, we will still have some of our Support Team members manning the phones in case you need their help.

This week we only had two articles to post on the blog, but they were both full of great information. The first focused on how VoIP is becoming more and more popular in the hospitality industry. Two reasons why VoIP is working great for hotels are that it makes the customer experience much better, allowing local businesses to advertise right on the display screen; and it requires less staff to actually run and maintain the VoIP system. There are many more benefits that the author touches on, so make sure you check out this article!

The second article that we posted this week comes from a member of the VoIP Innovations Support Team. Cameron Nutter is one of our Technical Support Representatives and has been with us for a few months now. Aside from winning our Turkey Bowl MVP award, Cameron has turned out to be a great writer as well! Since he works in our Support Department, he deals first hand with customer concerns and issues. One issue that he wanted to shed some light on was 911 over VoIP. Anyone who is considering switching to a VoIP service provider must look into the E911 features they have available. Having a reliable E911 service could ultimately save your life… Take a look at Cameron’s article and make sure you’re set in case of an emergency situation.

Coming next week:

  • Free Porting and DIDs as low as $.25 – More details are to come.
  • End User Portal Coming next week – This is going to be a VERY exciting release for VoIP Innovations next week! With our New End User Portal, our resellers will be able to allow end users to view metrics and edit the information associated with their accounts.
  • Requirements that make a Project Port – Our Project Porting Specialist, Denise Breide, wants to elaborate on the differences between regular ports and our project ports. She breaks it down so our customers know what actually qualifies as a project.
  • VoIP in the Healthcare Industry – VoIP has a tremendous impact on the healthcare industry because it can help to improve clinical, registration and billing processes.

That just about concludes this week’s Chat with Nat at VoIP Innovations! While most of you are preparing for the weekend, I’ll be heading out shortly to take on my co-workers in a few games of bowling. Continue checking our social media sites for pictures and videos!

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