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Posted by Natalie DeCario on September 27, 2013 at 10:11 AM
Natalie DeCario


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It looks like Friday has rolled around once again! Luckily for me, I have some pretty great things to write about today. Let’s start at the beginning of week with the Guest Post we featured on VoIP hackers and the impact they could have on National Security. We all know that VoIP fraud is a huge deal in our industry, so articles like this one always offer great information. The author, Demetrius Turner, focused on telephony denial-of service (TDoS) attacks and outlined examples of what these attacks might look like. He also offered a real-life instance in which the San Diego hospital was targeted for an attack.

We made two huge announcements this week: our Customized Rate Deck feature was released and we announced the official launch date for VoIP Innovations University (VIU). Let me refresh your memory on our the Customized Rate Deck feature. We’ve been working on this for months now and it’s gone through many changes and beta testing. Thankfully, we have awesome customers who were willing to test it out and give us great feedback on how to further improve it. This feature is going to shake up the industry because you won’t find any other company who gives the reseller this much control over their rate decks. Before I go into too much detail, just go check out the article yourself. There are screenshots and a link to the Wiki article that goes much more into depth on the Customized Rate Deck capabilities. I do have one update to mention that’s not included in the original article I wrote: Customized Rate Decks now have international capabilities. The Wiki article has been updated, so you’ll be able find more detailed information on how to manage this.

On Tuesday next week we’ll be launching VoIP Innovations University in our BackOffice. This has been one of my favorite projects to work on and I can’t wait for it go live. We’ve broken VIU down into four sections: White Papers, Videos, Wiki Articles and Press Releases. Each of these sections are designed to help our customers make the most out of their VoIP Innovations experience. We want our customers to be informed on industry topics and trends as well as VoIP Innovations information. There’s much more VIU information in the article from this week, so make sure to take a look at that!

As I bring this week’s Chat with Nat to a close, I first want to wish Barry Yancosek, our Provisioning Manager, a happy birthday! I also want to share the extended version of our ITEXPO Commercial. Remember a few weeks ago when I made that announcement that we won the opportunity to have a 60 second commercial play before a keynote session? Well we had tons of great footage and I just couldn’t see it all go to waste! I'll have a blooper reel coming out soon. :)

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