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Posted by Natalie DeCario on December 6, 2013 at 1:09 PM
Natalie DeCario


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It’s Friday! Who’s ready to read about some of the great things that went on VoIP Innovations this week? I know I’m excited to share everything!

Let’s start off with some minor features that were added to the BackOffice this week. You’ve probably noticed in our BackOffice that we introduced a friendly helper that we like to call The VI Tie. He’s there to help by displaying some general tips and information that are sure to make your life easier if you’re just getting started with VoIP Innovations. Since we released him, we’ve gotten some feedback requests asking for a way to disable him. We were sad that people wanted to see him go, but then we were told that it wasn’t because they hated him, it was because they were advanced users and have our BackOffice under control. Kudos to those customers who are now VoIP Innovations Professionals!

There we two time saving features that we added to the DID section of our BackOffice. The first can be found in My DID Groups. When you open up an individual DID Group, you’ll see specific metrics such as the Type, Network, MRC, CNAM, etc. Two other metrics that are available in this section are the Origination Minutes and Cost. These metrics were originally set up to display the overall cost and minutes of the group, but since the DIDs in the group and split between Local and Toll-Free, customers weren’t getting the specific readings they wanted. This information is available if they open their CDRs, but we went one step further and added a feature that displays a breakdown of Local and Toll-Free DIDs when you hover over it. See the screenshot below for an example.

20131206_DID Breakdown

The second feature we added to the DID section was in the Local DIDs menu. Customers can already make a note on Groups and individual DIDs, but they had no way of knowing what the note was on a DID unless they opened up the Edit Menu for each one. Since we're determined to make things as easy as possible for our customers, a Notes column was added to the My Local DIDs menu. So now if you’re searching for DID with a specific note, you can look through the list and see a preview of the note and if you hover over it, it expands the note even further. If you need to edit the note or just want to see the entire thing, then you would still need to open the Edit Menu.

20131206_ Local DID notes

The biggest (and coolest) feature that was added to our BackOffice this week was the customizable widget dashboards. The idea behind these dashboards was that customers have a certain idea in mind of what their key performance indicators (KPIs) are and that they should be able to view them on demand. We originally had our dashboards set up for the most common KPIs, but now customers can literally build the perfect dashboard. For more information and screenshots showing what these news dashboards look like, visit the blog post.

Speaking of other new things, have you heard about the new Toll-Free area code that’s being introduced tomorrow? Since Toll-Free numbers have become so popular the normal 800, 888, 877, 866 and 855 are running low and to solve this problem, 844 is being introduced. All week we’ve been taking pre-orders for vanity Toll-Free numbers (1-844-VOIPLUV) and even though it’s passed the deadline to make pre-orders, you can still request numbers from our BackOffice. Please know that there is NO GUARANTEE when making a pre-order because these numbers are being requested worldwide and it’s on a first-come, first-served basis.

This week we also posted a fantastic Guest Blog called, The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Choose VoIP. The author, Blair Thomas outlined some great reasons as to why everyone should be jumping on the VoIP bandwagon!

Before I wrap this post up, I want to mention that today we held an Employee Appreciation party. The employees at VoIP Innovations work hard every day and this was just a little something to show them that we care. We had a great lunch, a chocolate fondue fountain, an ice cream sundae bar and a Chinese auction where we gave away things like gift cards, clothing and even an iPad. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures.



Last but not least, I need to mention that ABG Capital, our parent company, had just been named No. 6 on the 2013 Best Places to Work in PA list! This is a fantastic accomplishment and we’re proud to say that we’re a part of that fantastic organization.

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