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Posted by Natalie DeCario on June 13, 2014 at 3:25 AM
Natalie DeCario


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Who else is ready to celebrate the weekend? I know everyone at VoIP Innovations is! But before we all get on with our weekend activities, let’s take a quick look at what we’ve been up to all week.

The first piece that I’d like to discuss is the awesome blog post that Justin Cornish, a VoIP Innovations Technical Services Representative, wrote on VoIP security. There are numerous high tech and detailed security measures that a company can take into consideration when trying to protect themselves against VoIP hackers. Did you realize that the simplest, and sometimes most effective, way to secure your network is to create a very strong password? Justin goes into much more detail on why planning proactively to secure your network is much better than dealing with a problem once it’s already there.

The second post that hit the VoIP Innovations blog this week was on VoIP and online education. Poor communication is one of the most common reasons that students drop out of their online classes. Online educators need to harness the power of VoIP and use it for what it was made for; communicating. VoIP would allow for simple audio and video conferencing, file sharing, instant messaging and screen sharing that students can use on all of their devices. It’s a pretty interesting article so don’t miss it!

Coming up next week on the blog, you can expect to see a new blog post on, The Rising Popularity of mVoIP: Why all the buzz? According to Juniper research, within three years 1 billion people will be using mVoIP, or mobile VoIP, through smartphone apps. This is a hot topic right now and it’s going to be a great article to check out. Remember, if you’re worried that you’re going to miss one of our posts, you can always subscribe to our blog and you’ll get an email as soon as something is posted.

And now for some even more exciting news from VoIP Innovations! If you remember from last week’s Chat with Nat, I mentioned the new Hosted Billing platform that we’ll be introducing into our BackOffice. The new billing platform is the one and done solution for VoIP resellers everywhere! We’ve created the means for resellers to seamlessly bill their customers, no matter where they purchase their current VoIP services from. As another added feature to the new VoIP Innovations Hosted Billing Platform, resellers will be able to take full advantage of a built in taxation solution that allows them to rate and tax every invoice. We’ll be launching this product on Monday, June 16 and we’ll also be adding more detailed information to the Services Page on the VoIP Innovations website. Likewise, you’ll be seeing a blog post, press release and training video on how to fully utilize everything that this new service has to offer.

That wraps up this week’s VoIP Innovations Chat with Nat! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Friday and has a great weekend. And we want to wish all the great dads out there a very happy Father’s Day!

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