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Posted by Natalie DeCario on October 25, 2013 at 10:37 AM
Natalie DeCario


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Friday has rolled around yet again and that means it’s time for me to share all of the exciting things that went on at VoIP Innovations this week. We’ve had a busy week and are looking forward to even more excitement next week.

I mentioned in last week’s Chat with Nat that our Executive Team was spending this week in Las Vegas for their second Gazelles, Inc. Growth Summit of the year. The team got to hear from various different speakers including Tony Hsieh, author and CEO of Zappos, Ram Charan, a world-renowned business advisor and author, and many others. They spent their time there learning tips and techniques on how to help people and businesses thrive, as well as how to develop and execute strategic plans.

Also this week we had our Cintas Health and Safety Specialist, Maria Gross Gray, spend a day in our office teaching a course on CPR, First Aid and Safety. We got some great pictures of our team in action so make sure to visit (and “Like”) our Facebook page to see how it went!

Along with the Gazelles, Inc Growth Summit and the CPR training, we posted some good things on the VoIP Innovations blog this week. We started out by posting a Guest Blog from Michelle Patterson. She wrote about the importance of calculating ROI on VoIP services. She also included a list of expenses and potential risks that all need to be considered during the implementation of a new VoIP phone system.

We also released new feature in the VoIP Innovations BackOffice this week that gave our customers the ability to add a Conference Line to their account. This was a highly requested feature from our customers and we were happy to it completed for them. Customers can simply add the Conference Line to an existing DID or they can purchase a new DID and use that as their designated Conference Line. Either way, the set-up is easy!

As promised last week, we posted an article that talks more about the annual strategic planning that we just finished up. Planning for the future is what keeps our business going strong. We’re always trying to look one step ahead of the industry and that keeps everyone, including our staff and the competition, on their toes.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the festive new background on our blog or in the BackOffice, but hopefully you have. The VI Guy is showing off his Halloween costume, which is his take on the Headless Horseman. He’s going to be tough competition when it comes to the costume contest we’re having at our Halloween Party next week! Stay tuned for pictures of our Pot Luck Lunch and all the crazy characters that are going to be roaming the office.


2012 VoIP Innovations Halloween Party Here's a picture from our Halloween party last year!

After we clean up everything from the Halloween party on Thursday, we’ll need to make everything look perfect for the Open House we're having on Friday. Our office expansion project is just about done and we finally get to share it with our family, friends, clients, and associates.

Thanks for reading this week’s Chat with Nat and I hope you have a great weekend!

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