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Posted by Natalie DeCario on January 3, 2014 at 12:19 PM
Natalie DeCario


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I want to start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR from your friends at VoIP Innovations! We’re excited to see what’s in store for us in 2014. If you were able to check out this TMCNet.com article featuring our President, Jason Tapolci, than you would have seen that we’re expecting some outstanding growth and development this year. Here’s brief excerpt from the article where Jason addressed his views on where our industry is heading in 2014:

“I see much more “VoIP provider to VoIP provider” peering happening. This will improve call quality and decrease the VoIP providers COGS (cost of goods sold) by reducing the number of calls sent to upstream carriers. Instead of these calls coming to a VoIP provider’s switch and then to their ULC (underlying carrier), these calls would come to the VoIP provider and then would be sent directly to another VoIP provider. This eliminates the need to send certain calls to a ULC, therefore reducing a VoIP provider’s COGS. I also anticipate the competition to become fiercer about reducing prices. It will be more important than ever to continue to add value to our service offering, in order to hold our pricing structure.”

As for some other New Year announcements for VoIP Innovations, our Porting Department has adopted new hours that were effective yesterday, January 2. They will now be in the office Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST. If you need assistance with any Porting/Provisioning related tasks, please visit this Wiki page for a variety of options.

The Porting Department was all over the place this week! Not only did they announce their new hours, but they also wrote an article for the blog. Tyler Weimerskirch, a VoIP Innovations Porting Representative, wanted to inform our readers about our Provisioning Check Tool.

This week we also featured a Guest Post from Bhagwad Park who outlined the basics of using WebRTC for Browser to Browser calls. He touched upon the three components that make up WebRTC and how they can be used effectively.

Now it’s time for me to announce the great articles we have coming out next week. The first one you’ll be seeing is on ITEXPO. We’ll cover what we’re showcasing as well as some very important reasons for why you’ll need to stop by our booth (#606) and visit with us at the show!

We’ll also have an article from our friends at Media Shower that will go back to the basics of SIP Trunking. They want to explore what SIP Trunking is, while leaving out all of the acronyms and jargon and can easily confuse people who may not be that familiar with it.

I already mentioned that our Porting Department has been full of changes lately, but there’s one change that will really bump up their game. As you have already read (probably multiple times :)) our porting department has adopted a new system where there is one Porting Rep assigned to one Port. Well so far that’s been working out perfectly! The next step of their new system is to introduce the Porting Team to our customers and our readers. Next week you’ll see a post that will finally put a face to the voice you’ve been hearing at the other end of the phone!

The last post that you’ll have the pleasure of reading next week will be from Jason Tapolci, the President of VoIP Innovations. He knows that our BackOffice is full of hidden gems and unfortunately, some of our customers might be missing out simply because they don't know that these features exist. To make sure our customers are maximizing their BackOffice usage, he’s going to share some of the features that might be getting overlooked and explain how they are designed to save time and make our customer's lives easier.

And that concludes another Chat with Nat! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. :)

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