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Chat with Nat: 2013 ITEXPO

Posted by Natalie DeCario on May 9, 2014 at 12:13 PM
Natalie DeCario


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Happy Friday everyone! Are you ready for another great VoIP Innovations Chat with Nat? I sure am! Let me first address the article that was posted on our blog this week: Creating a Perfect Vanity Toll-Free Number with Neuroscience. This was a really exiting article I got to write and it was inspired by a similar article written by Craig Borowski at Software Advice. There is more that goes into creating a vanity Toll-Free number than meets the eye. You need to make sure you create a number that your customers will associate with your business. The article offers some great tips on how to make that perfect number, so before you decide to create your vanity Toll-Free number check this article out!

This week we also started planning for our trip to Las Vegas for ITEXPO. The show will be from August 11-13 and will most definitely be filled with great people and great business opportunities. We’re looking forward to meeting with some of our current customers and building relationships with new ones. We’ll also have some awesome VoIP Innovations schwag to give away at our booth just like we did at the Miami ITEXPO in January. Our booth number is 413 so make sure to stop by and say hello!

We’d like to announce that SMS on our Level 3 network is coming soon to VoIP Innovations. When this is launched, all DIDs on our Level 3 network will come with standard SMS capabilities. You’ll be able to send and receive text messages on a per message rate. We’ll let you know an official launch date very soon.

A catastrophe can happen to your business at any time and the best way to protect yourself from this is to have a plan for what to do. At VoIP Innovations, we currently have two completely separate data centers where we house all of our switches, servers and other technical equipment. These are our data centers and we run everything from them. If one goes down all the traffic and network activity will go to the second data center. We are now adding a third data center (our Disaster Recovery Site), which is hosted by a third party data center. This gives us a disaster recovery plan in the event that our data centers have major issues. Say we lose our Internet backbone between the two data centers, nothing can fail over so it will go to the Disaster Recovery Site. Think of it this way, we made an exact clone of our systems and put it at a site that is not tied to us in any way shape or form. This is just one more thing that we’re doing to ensure we give our VoIP Innovations customer the best services we possibly can.

Tim Linn (Lead Engineer) and Joe Aponick (Technical Service Engineer) will be attending an invitation only training session with Sansay. The purpose of the training session is for the Sansay engineers to educate Engineers like Tim and Joe who run a Sansay switching platform for businesses all over the country. We’re sure they’ll come back with a ton of great information that will help us grow VoIP Innovations even more.

Before Tim heads to the Sansay training session, he and Jason Tapolci (President of VoIP Innovations) will be going to Orlando, Florida for the Fortune Leadership Summit. This Summit is held twice a year with one Summit focusing on individual growth and the other on company growth. We attend both of these and always come back with awesome information. For example, last year after they got back, they instituted standing meetings because it’s proven they run more efficient. We’ll be sure to share with you what they bring back this year.

As always, thanks for taking some time to check out this week’s VoIP Innovations Chat with Nat. Have a fantastic weekend!

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