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Posted by Natalie DeCario on January 10, 2014 at 11:37 AM
Natalie DeCario


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I think we’re finally out of this Polar Vortex mess and they’re even saying that it might hit 50° in Pittsburgh this weekend! Now that your VoIP Innovations weather report is in, we can talk about business! This is the first full week back after the holiday season and we’re jumping right back into it without missing a beat.

On our blog this week we had some great posts come out. We talked about ITEXPO (check us out at booth 606!), SIP Trunking, the FCC, our Porting Team and we have so much more planned for next week. Let me first recap on our ITEXPO post. As most of you know, ITEXPO is coming up at the end of January and it’s the place where the great minds of the telecom industry unite into one show room in Miami. This show is a display of all the new developments that have or are going to hit the telecom industry. For VoIP Innovations, we’ll be showcasing our BackOffice, Titanium III and how it was designed to save our Customers time and ultimately make their lives easier. A few things that we’ll be highlighting specifically are the My Groups and My Clients features we built and the transparency that came with our Customized Rate Decks and underlying wholesale origination carrier name visibility. We also have another AWESOME feature coming soon so check out the original blog post for more information on that!

The next post we had this week was called SIP Trunking in Plain English. The author wanted to write something that explained what a SIP Trunk was, but without all of the jargon and acronyms that are likely to confuse some people. This is great for those who need a refresher or who are looking to move their business over to a SIP Trunk.

As you’ve probably been reading in our other posts, our Porting Team has been making some changes over the past few weeks. One of those changes was to create a porting rep system where one rep is assigned to a port instead of it passing through different reps until completion. This post was meant to introduce you to our Porting Team so our customers can put a face to the voice. The pictures and bios will also be available in our BackOffice soon!

The last post we featured this week got right down to business. VoIP is really starting to take off and it’s grabbing the attention of state governments, as well as the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC). The FCC has granted a six-month direct numbering access trial for companies such as Vonage, WilTell and Millicorp. The author goes much more into depth about what this test means for our industry. Check it out!

Coming Next Week…

  • How Secure is VoIP: Whether it's plain old corporate espionage or government eavesdropping, security is an issue that's become even more critical.
  • Wholesale VoIP for The Rest of Us: Everything you wanted to know about VoIP, but you were afraid to ask, because you thought the answer would be far too technical.
  • IP Trends – Migrating to SIP: IT architects have discovered, through several consulting and research interviews, that there are five trends in business IP telephony that shape the way communications is handled.
  • Who is The VI Guy: The mysterious man behind the brand is revealed in a tell-all story of his journey through life and how it helped to shape the direction of VoIP Innovations.

Before I end my Chat with Nat today, I want to make an announcement about an activity we have coming up. Our culture is very focused on giving back to our community so few times a year we go out and volunteer our time as a company to help make our community a better place. Our first giving back initiative of the year will be visiting the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Here’s a picture from last year of some team members in actions! Another huge activity we do is cleaning headstones at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies to help them prepare for their Memorial Day event.

Chat with Nat | VoIP Innovations

Have a great weekend everyone!

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