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Posted by Natalie DeCario on March 21, 2014 at 1:34 PM
Natalie DeCario


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Welcome back to another Chat with Nat at VoIP Innovations! Let’s jump right in and talk about some of the articles we posted on our blog this week. The first was from one of our Technical Services Representatives, John Livingston. John is part of the team that fields all of our customer calls so he has a pretty good understanding of the things our customers are concerned about. For this particular article, John wanted to focus on Caller ID, more commonly known as CNAM storage. His article explains that Caller ID isn’t something that’s very complicated at all.

The second article we featured on the VoIP Innovations Blog this week was titled, Setting up a Call Center on Time and on Budget. The first rule of setting up a Call Center is to always focus on your Call Center Staff. They are on the front line of your company and deal with customers first hand.Providing a great environment is a sure way to inspire these employees to excel. This article explores some different things you can try that will make your employees happy to work for you.

Coming up next week:

How to Order Local DIDs – Dave Smith, one of our Porting Specialists, will walk you through the process of ordering Local DIDs through our industry-leading BackOffice, Titanium III.

VoIP Legal Issues and Security Concerns – This article features some insight on a part of the VoIP industry that no one should be left in the dark about. It will talk about things you can do to ensure that you are always prepared!

As we end this week’s Chat with Nat, I want to share a video of something that happened in the VoIP Innovations office today. Our Provisioning Manager, Barry Yancosek, has been tormenting the Porting Team with Nerf guns all week. But today, the team got him back and they got him back good! Check out the video below to see what we’re calling, The Great Mustache Mutiny of 2014.

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