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Posted by Natalie DeCario on April 19, 2013 at 11:44 AM
Natalie DeCario


Natalie DeCario, VoIP Innovations Click for my info!

Welcome back everyone! I have SO MUCH to tell you about today :) I’ve been busy and the VoIP Innovations' Staff has been busy.

I first wanted to share a few tid bits of info that I learned this week from a Vocus webinar with Peter Shankman. The webinar was call ‘Nice Brands Finish First,’ and as soon as I saw that title I automatically thought of the VoIP Innovations brand and the people who make up that brand.

The first point that Peter made was that no one really likes to pay for the services they render. He then pointed out that if your company is nice and offers great customer service, those customers move from absolutely hating to pay you, to thinking that it’s not really all that terrible. This attitude shift comes simply from offering a customer service experience that is just a little bit above the rest. It’s a fact that people are expected to be treated like crap from customer service personnel, wouldn’t you agree? All that matters for your brand, is that you’re just one level above crap. If you stick to this idea, you’ll notice a massive difference.

When you offer better customer service, your customer will want to share that with the world. How many times have you posted something on Facebook or Twitter that talked about a great experience you had at a restaurant or a department store? I know I have! This is what brands want to achieve. When your customers are spreading the word that your company did an AWESOME job at something, other people are going to see that and trust their opinion. Another question for you, which would you trust more: Countless commercials, Facebook ads, billboards, etc or a Facebook page with REAL people saying how great the company is and offering their real testimonials? Personally I’d pick the Facebook page because those comments are unsolicited and are from people who want to share that information with the public.

This brought Peter to his next point that if your brand is doing the right things, your customers will do the PR for you. Wait… I do PR… No wonder why my job is so easy! VoIP Innovations offers a great customer service experience and our customers can trust that we’ll listen to them and that we’ll do the best we can to follow through with their requests and feedback.

The most beneficial piece of information I got from this webinar was the idea that “experience is the new currency.” Think about that for a second. Experience is what makes people happy. Experience is what gets people talking to each other. Experience is what gets people sharing positive comments throughout social media. Experience is what will keep your current customers happy and what will be the driving force in onboarding new ones.

Before I wrap up this portion of your Chat with Nat, I want to highlight a few more things that Peter mentioned that are beneficial to any person, in any industry. These were the things that were trending the most on Twitter during the webinar.

“Do little, amazing things first, and the negatives won’t have that much of an impact.”

“No one has ever gone wrong by giving someone an exclusive experience.”

“Old PR meant Public Relations. New PR means Personal Recommendations.”

“Have a good sense of humor and you’ll never go wrong.”

“Making people smile will drive repeat business.”

“Don’t confuse being nice and showing happiness with weakness.”

“Do the right things because they’re the right things to do.”

“Companies don’t buy products, people buy products. You get these people to buy your products buy getting them to buy YOU.”

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about VoIP Innovations! Just a small announcement first, the Development team has added an “SMS” and “DID Group” column to the “My DIDs” local DID download list.

Today we also released a new notification system that will alert customers of a failure when we are trying to send an invite to their switch and that switch does not respond. We will release a press release about this on Monday, but in the meantime you can read more about it on our Wiki.

Next, I want to let you know that we added the end users name to the 911 alert emails. The name registered with the E911 information will now appear on the alert notifications. Prior to this the registered phone number was the only identifying characteristic. This helps the individuals on the receiving end of the alert notifications to quickly identify where the 911 call was coming from. It’s a great addition to the 911 alerts we already had in place.

Last week we spoke about the new port out tool we developed for our Support team. This week we added the ability for our system to aggregate multiple numbers that were ported out onto one notification. This will help to alleviate our customers from receiving multiple notifications.

Remember when we released the My DID Groups? Well that was a HUGE hit with our customers! Since we’ve gotten so much great feedback, we’ve decided to build a “My E911 Groups”, which will function just like the “My DID Groups” does. We have also decided to revamp the “My Endpoint Groups” to include more data and metrics like calls, costs, minutes, gross profit, and gross profit margins. These items are scheduled to start development next week and have a development time of 5-7 days. The last step in the Groups project is to create a “Clients” menu option where our customers can create a client folder containing client contact information, service information, and financial information. This feature will give our customers the ability to add My DID Groups, My E911 Groups, and My Endpoint Groups to a client folder and have an aggregated view of a particular account.

As you know, we’ve added Toll-free services to our list. If any customer is interested in this, we are offering FREE Toll-free project porting until May 10th. If a customer has a group of Toll-free numbers, there will be no LNP fees until May 10th. If this is something you are considering, please contact Jessica Brown.

As I bring this article to a close, I just want to point out that we love the feedback we have been receiving from all of you. The first three items I’ve mentioned today came from our customers along with a half dozen more that have been approved and escalated into development. Here’s a few of those items: We have decided to turn off the fax-to-email failure notification. In theory this was a good idea but in the real world it was more of a nuisance. We will be adding the gross profit margin to the main My DID Groups page. This will eliminate having to navigate into a group to see the GPM (Gross Profit Margin). We have also approved development to add a group’s drop down box to the porting LOA (Letter of Authorization), allowing customers to select which group a set of ported numbers will go to. This saves our customers time by not having to assign DIDs to a group after they port to us.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend :)

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