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Customizable Widget Dashboards Are Now Available in our BackOffice

Posted by Natalie DeCario on December 3, 2013 at 1:25 PM
Natalie DeCario

We have just introduced Customizable Widget Dashboards today! The addition of these dashboards will bring a whole new level of management to our Wholesale VoIP BackOffice platform, Titanium III. Customers have the ability to build their own unique dashboards or revert to a default preset that we have set up.

Our team of developers know how valuable customized management can be for resellers. The current dashboards we have are set up based on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are the most common among our customers. Providing the ability to customize dashboards for each unique BackOffice user cuts out extra information and allows each user to focus on what matters most for their job. This flexibility will give them an unprecedented advantage over their competitors in the industry. Here's a screenshot of what these new dashboards look like:

Customizable Widget Dashboards Are Now Available in our BackOffice Click to enlarge

“The new Customizable Widget Dashboards that our development team built are one of our best features yet,” said Jason Tapolci, President of VoIP Innovations. “We’ve given our customers the targeted information and real-estate they need to literally build the perfect dashboard.”

When customers login to their account they’ll notice that things may look slightly different. This is the default dashboard that was set for all accounts, so don't panic. From this point, customers can add, remove, collapse, expand or rearrange any widget they want. Examples of the widgets that might be included in the Main Dashboard are Endpoints, DID Counts, General Billing, General Tickets and Clients. Once the customer creates their dashboard, their changes will be saved and will remain the same when they login the next time.

Our Customizable Widget Dashboards will be the new display for all areas of the BackOffice including the Main Page, DIDs, E911, Termination, Tickets, Billing, Porting and Endpoints. Customers can have as many widgets as they want in their new dashboards so they can have the perfect look into the KPIs they want to see. In creating these new dashboards, we have yet again made a move that will transform the VoIP industry.

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