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Endpoint Features are Updated in Our Wholesale VoIP BackOffice

Posted by Natalie DeCario on July 15, 2013 at 7:18 AM
Natalie DeCario

Today we released some great new endpoint features in our Wholesale VoIP BackOffice, Titanium III. These updates included a new column that shows the number of DIDs inside each Endpoint Group and an Endpoint Channel Limitation function.

VoIP Innovations Updates Endpoint Features in Their Wholesale VoIP BackOffice

If you are one of our Wholesale VoIP BackOffice users you can find the new DID column display under the Endpoint Overview Dashboard. Here you’ll be able to see important metrics for each Endpoint Group such as the group names, IDs, IPs, Ports, CPSs and Rate Decks. The new DID display is shown as part of this group of metrics. The main reason why we added a DID display to this section is to show users how many DIDs are assigned to each particular Endpoint Group they have set up. The DID counts also serve as a clickable link that will redirect you to a list showing more information on each DID within the group. Once in the DID section, you can make edits to the individual DID including switching them to a different Endpoint Group.

The second addition that we added to the Endpoint section was the ability to set Endpoint Channel Limitations. If you are in the My Endpoint Groups tab, you’ll be able to see a list of all Endpoint Groups. From here simply open the group you wish to set a Channel Limitation for. At this point you can turn the Channel Limitation feature on or off, set your desired number of channels and turn CNAM on or off. One thing to keep in mind when using the CNAM function is that we require CNAM services to be ALL ON or ALL OFF.

Both of these additions to our Wholesale VoIP BackOffice stem from customer requests received from the Feedback Management System established in February. The systems gives customers the opportunity to request features to improve their experience in the BackOffice. We will continue to do our best to see these requests through to production!

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