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Four Tips for Selecting a Wholesale VoIP Service Provider

Posted by Jason Tapolci on November 13, 2012 at 5:54 AM
Jason Tapolci

*Guest Post written by Mae Kowalke, TMCnet Contributor

Four Tips for Selecting a Wholesale VoIP Service Provider

The value proposition for voice-over-IP (VoIP) is well established at this point. The bottom line is that people want VoIP and are ready for it. This in turn presents an opportunity for supplying wholesale VoIP. Likewise, enterprising companies should step into the breach and offer wholesale VoIP services while there are relatively few players in the game, as it would be a smart move to make.

“With the benefits that it brings along in the form of cost reduction, better productivity and reliability,” this Fax Modem Voice blog pointed out, “wholesalers have ventured into this field to substantially increase their market standing and earn maximum profits with minimum risk involved.”

The blog noted that when choosing a potential service provider, however, wholesalers should keep three tips in mind.

First, focus on cost. The single most important factor when choosing a VoIP service provider is price. VoIP is a value play beyond everything else, so to be successful at wholesale VoIP it is important to be able to play on the price front.

“Cost reduction is and will be the most important feature of voice over internet protocol,” the Fax Modem Voice blog recommended. “So, make sure that you are able to make the best use of this feature of internet telephony service.”

Not that quality is not important, too, which is why wholesalers also should select a well-established player in the VoIP field, as they most likely will offer superior clarity of voice that is passed along to customers. Keep factors such as ACR, PDD and ACD in mind when determining which carrier to use.

Established VoIP service providers also will provide professional training, which is necessary for smooth daily operations and is another factor to consider when selecting a provider. They should have a strong technical support team since technical issues are common with every technology, VoIP included.

A forth point to keep in mind are the added features that providers offer.

“Features like customized billing proves to be very effective for your daily working and helps you to give a detailed report about the call duration of every single client, as well as the liberty to set up limit on minutes to be used by the clients,” the Fax Modem Voice blog noted.

One BackOffice platform that wholesalers should look at in particular is the Titanium III solution offered by VoIP Innovations (News - Alert). Titanium III helps wholesalers manage their VoIP account online through one easy menu that gives wholesalers access to DIDs, E911, termination, porting, billing, CDRs, endpoints and support. The dashboard on the Titanium III shows key metrics, and a robust notification system makes management relatively easy.

VoIP Innovations continues to improve its offerings, and this year at ITEXPO (News - Alert) Austin, held Oct 2-5, the company plans to unveil even more elements. A private label solution for startup ITSPs, virtual fax service and a proprietary least-cost-routing termination management system are among the elements it will show at the tech event this year, according to the company.

*Mae Kowalke is a TMCnet contributor. She is Manager of Stories at Neundorfer, Inc., a cleantech company in Northeast Ohio. Mae has more than 10 years experience in journalism, marketing and communications, and has a passion for new tech gadgets. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Thomas Edison State College.

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