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Guest Post: 5 Factors Why IP Based Communications Help In People Management

Posted by Natalie DeCario on July 23, 2013 at 11:49 AM
Natalie DeCario

Today our Guest Post comes from Mariam Thomas who is a tech savvy blogger and writes useful posts about IP based communication systems for enterprises.

People management plays a very important role in every business. Because employees can make or break your company, you need to know how to work your way through them. As an employer, you need to lead, train, inspire, motivate and encourage your people, and at the same time, you are the one responsible for evaluating your people’s performance and do necessary corrective actions and grant merit points, whichever is applicable.

Mariam ThomasPeople management or commonly called as human resources management, doesn't just cover the activities of your current employees, but those that may yet be a part of your organization. It encompasses the role of prospect employee selection and providing constant support to your team whenever needed. Since we are living in a vastly growing industry, you may find yourself evaluating personnel from different locations, making it a lot more tedious if you have to go and see them in person. Thus, the help of internet and IP based communication is of much value nowadays

1. Backbone of enterprise communication

Businesses nowadays have enforced their daily activities by using the internet platform. Similarly, it has made people management a lot easier as it comes with flexibility and often regarded as the backbone of business communication. Emails, voice and video conferencing and chat sessions are just among the most common form of communication used by companies on a daily basis, and they all rely on the internet. With it, you are able to monitor the progress of your employees, and easily solicit for knowledge and information in cases of group discussions.

2. Performance Evaluation Monitor

If you have different segments and areas to attend to, the easiest way to evaluate the performance of each of your personnel is to conduct discussions via conference call and follow up the task at hand by means of submitting compliance report on a real time basis. Through IP based communication, you can do spot check and advise the next course of action accordingly.

3. Employee Rewards and Innovations

You can device target schemes and rewards and relay the information to your employees right away. You can also engage their participation by asking around for ideas and join them together to maximize the employee output. This will not only keep your employees on the go, but also appreciative of your efforts to reach out to them, as an ideal employer should be.

4. Finding the Right Candidate

As previously mentioned, it is your job to seek out the right candidate to make up your company. You have to be thorough with the process and must be able to judge with basis, and what better way to do this than to conduct various screening process like an online interview when personal communication is unachievable. You can even ask your senior officers to participate in the screening to help you sort them all out.

5. Achieving Common Goals

Managing people that share your interest and passion is only as effective as it gets if you constantly remind them of your purpose as a team. Hence, it is best that they see you not only in person, but virtually as well. Work with them and lead by example. You are can be sure that success is achievable in no time if you try and practice people management to the benefit of your employees and you company as a whole.

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