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Guest Post: How VoIP can Save Small Businesses Money

Posted by Natalie DeCario on August 5, 2013 at 12:10 PM
Natalie DeCario

Our Guest Post today comes from Chloe Trogden who is a seasoned financial aid writer and a major contributor at http://www.collegegrant.net/. Her leisure activities include camping, swimming and volunteer work.

How VoIP Can Save Small Businesses Money Chloe Trogden

VoIP is a growing technology, though it is still a relatively new technology and has not become common place in the business community (though it soon will). Small business owners may think that the technology belongs in the realm of big business with big budgets for the most advanced technology. However, the truth is that VoIP can actually help small businesses to save money so that they can grow and ensure their long-term success.

Here are just a few ways that installing VoIP may be able to help save your small business some money:

Eliminates or Reduces Long-Distance Call Charges

VoIP operates on a broadband connection, so any calls that you make on the line will typically cost the same amount. That means that you can make long-distance calls without any additional charges. This is especially useful for businesses that have suppliers outside the area or who are looking to expand their service area.

Provides Multiple Tools for the Price of One Service

VoIP includes much more than phone service. Many providers also offer web connections, video conferencing and more. At a minimum, you will be getting services like call forwarding, caller ID and call waiting. All of these services are wrapped up into one bundle, which will cost less than what you pay adding them on through your phone company or other provider.

Makes Updates Easy

When your business grows or your phone needs change, you can easily update your lines without having to pay a lot of service fees. The service hooks into existing broadband networks, so new lines typically don’t have to be installed. If they do, it’s easy to connect them to the grid that’s already in place. You can even install your network in your employees’ homes.

Facilitates Telecommunication

More and more employees are telecommuting or petitioning to do so. When you allow your employees to telecommute, you save on your overhead costs and increase employee satisfaction and productivity – both of which help your bottom line. VoIP makes it easy for employees to telecommute by keeping everyone connected on a reliable network. VoIP can also eliminate the need for employees to travel for collaboration or business meetings.

Increases Security

VoIP offers your business a secure connection. This helps to eliminate security breaches over a traditional telephone line, which could compromise your data or your customers’ data, costing you either capital or future business. By installing VoIP, you ensure that your information is protected, helping you to protect your investment.

VoIP isn’t cutting edge technology that only big businesses can afford. It’s cutting edge technology that small businesses can and should take advantage of and that can help them to save money so that they can grow their business and secure their future.

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