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‘My DID Groups’ Feature Added to VoIP Innovations BackOffice

Posted by Natalie DeCario on March 18, 2013 at 7:00 AM
Natalie DeCario

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Today VoIP Innovations released a great new feature in their BackOffice that allows customers to better organize their DIDs. VoIP Innovations customers are made up of resellers who buy their services, bundle them up, and sell them to end users. Their end users could be businesses like hair salons or machine shops.

VoIP Innovations BackOffice My DID Tab
Fig. 1

Each reseller has multiple end users which means they could have thousands of DIDs just sitting in their dashboard. At VoIP Innovations, we figured out a way to put a stop to the endless array of sitting DIDs. The solution was to create the My DID Groups section (see Fig. 1). This feature was designed to produce an overall more transparent view into DID usage, cost, and profit.

Now let’s talk about what you can actually do with this new feature. The reseller can create unlimited groups to better organize their DIDs. They select which DIDs they want to move and in one bulk action, they can send them to a new or existing group. Once a group is created, they can add notes to it. They can even figure out their gross profit and gross profit margins just by adding in their revenue (see Fig. 2).

Inside a group

“We approach the development of new features and functionalities from the customers’ point of view,” said Jason Tapolci, President of VoIP Innovations. “If there is something that we know will make the customers experience better, we put it to the test and wait for the feedback.”

One of the best parts to this new feature is the key metrics it offers. If you look at the My DID Groups main page (see Fig. 3), you’ll be able to see the total metrics for each group. Once you’re inside a group (see Fig. 2), you’ll be able to see the individual DIDs and their respective usages and costs. We broke everything down into DIDs, DID MRC (Monthly Recurring Charges), E911, CNAM (caller ID), Fax to Email, Origination minutes, costs, and calls, Termination minutes, costs, and calls, and the overall total cost of each DID.


VoIP Innovations My DID Groups Fig. 3

This seems like it would make our resellers lives much easier, right? We thought so too, but we also thought we could take it just one step further. With the My DID Groups, the resellers now have the ability to see their key metrics from the month to date, BUT when the end of the month comes, the metrics start all over again. We added in an export function that allows the resellers to export the group contents as an excel spreadsheet or a CSV file. Resellers also have the option to look at past history by choosing a specific date range (see Fig. 2).

The My DID Groups function was designed to give our resellers more control over their end user DIDs. We’ve created a great system that allows them to better manage and organize this information. They can add notes, figure out gross profits and gross profit margins; they can even see everything down to the exact number of minutes each DID is using. The main goal that we keep in mind when creating new features and functionalities, is that we always strive to give our customers a better experience when using the VoIP Innovations Back Office.If you want a deeper look into how to set up these groups and how to manage them, visit our Wiki article on DID Groups

VoIP Innovations is an Inc. 5000 company that specializes in providing the largest DID and termination VoIP footprints in North America. Their network includes over 500,000 DIDs in stock in over 8,500 rate centers in the US and Canada. Recently, VoIP Innovations expanded their footprint to include DIDs in over 60 countries and now offers A-Z termination. VoIP Innovations is owned by ABG Capital and is based in Pittsburgh, PA. To learn more about VoIP Innovations, visit their website at http://www.voipinnovations.com.

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