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New End User Sign Up Feature in our Titanium Private Label VoIP BackOffice

Posted by Natalie DeCario on July 25, 2013 at 12:11 PM
Natalie DeCario

Today we released an awesome new Private Label VoIP feature in our Titanium Private Label BackOffice! It’s a customizable end user sign up process that allows resellers to edit the services and descriptions displayed during an end user sign-up. There are three parts to this new feature: customizing which packages are displayed to the end user, editing the existing package descriptions and adding in extra services and charges within a package.

Titanium Private Label VoIP

Our BackOffice users have the option to offer four different packages to their end users. Those packages are Business Lines, Residential Lines, SIP Trunks and Hosted PBX. Before we released this new feature, all four options had to appear as an option, regardless if the reseller wanted to offer that service or not. But now that we’ve allowed resellers to customize which options are available to be viewed by the end user, resellers now have even more control.

The second part of our new Private Label VoIP BackOffice feature is the ability for resellers to write their own descriptions for the four packages they offer. Much like how I mentioned that all four packages would be listed regardless of them actually being offered, these descriptions were also preset and couldn’t be changed. We heard feedback from resellers that wanted the ability to write their own service descriptions, so we took that feedback and gave our resellers what they wanted!

The last part of the new feature we released is the ability for resellers to add their own custom service line items and charges that they want to include in their packages. This gives resellers the ability to add hardware devices such as IP phones and ATA’s (analog telephone adapter) to their existing service packages. Resellers can also choose to display or not display each custom item during the end user sign-up providing a complete and flexible process.

By adding features that allow for more customization and flexibility, we are giving our resellers the tools they need to build their BackOffice the way they choose to. Being able to customize their own features makes their jobs easier and makes them more satisfied with our product. To provide you with more information on this new feature, we’ll be posting a detailed Wiki article along with a YouTube video that walks you through the customization process. Please keep checking our Facebook page for links to those.

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