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Our Wholesale Termination Services Get a New Customized Rate Deck Feature

Posted by Natalie DeCario on September 24, 2013 at 11:00 AM
Natalie DeCario

After months of development and testing, we're proud to announce that today we have launched a Customized Rate Deck feature in our leading-edge wholesale termination offering. With this new feature provides we've given customers the ability to choose which termination carriers to include in their rate deck and which carriers to block. This real-time price and quality wholesale termination management system hands over the control to the resellers and trust us, this is something that isn't too common in today’s SIP termination market.

While this sounds great, having complete control over carriers can dramatically impact price (cost per minute) & quality (PDD-post dial delay) and cause our customers unwanted headaches. Our solution was to provide preset template options along with a unique monitoring tool. The presets are simply four pre-configured options (All Carriers, Best Price, Best Quality, Fax/T38,) created to be used as templates. Even though they are preset templates, our customers can still choose to include or block certain carriers.


Wholesale Termination Management This is a screenshot of how you can manage and customize your rate deck. Notice the presets and chart for 30 day cost and PDD.

Now that we've explained the benefits of having presets, let talk a little about the monitoring tool we included. The monitoring tool allows resellers to view a Rolling 30-Day vs. Daily metrics regarding cost per minute and PDD. This is a great way for resellers to see how each carrier effects their price and quality. These key performance metrics allow customers to tweak the carriers used to match their calling patterns, which maximize price and quality. Worried about making an unfavorable change? Don't worry! We've built an intuitive History tool that tracks all changes and can be used to help revert back to previous settings.


Wholesale Termination Monitoring This is a screenshot of the Monitoring section where you can compare the Rolling 30-Day vs Daily metrics on Cost and PDD.

It’s pretty well known that wholesale termination rates fluctuate almost as much as gas prices do. Since this volatility can cause pricing peaks and valleys, we had to develop a solution so our customers aren't left in the dark. We created a proprietary rate and route change solution that gives resellers additional transparency into underlying carrier (ULC) changes. This solution constantly checks for rate/route changes, updates the reseller’s rate deck and displays this rate deck for download.

The days of termination providers supplying an unmanageable static rate deck are over! The next generation wholesale termination providers are handing the reins over to the market by providing more transparency, flexibility and authority than ever before.

For more information on our Customized Rate Decks, please visit this detailed Wiki article. There will also be a training video added to the VoIP Innovation University YouTube Channel that walks you through everything the Customized Rate Deck is capable of.

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