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Q&A With Nolan Rollo on the Benefits of Using VoIPmonitor

Posted by Natalie DeCario on December 24, 2013 at 6:02 AM
Natalie DeCario

A few weeks ago I received an email from one of our very outspoken customers, Nolan Rollo. Nolan is a VoIP Engineer with KW Corporation and has been a customer with us for about 2 years now. If you’re interested in hearing some of the fantastic things that Nolan (and others) have had to say about us, stop over to our Testimonials page!

KW-CorpIn his email, Nolan said that he’s been using a product called VoIPmonitor and it’s making his job and our Support Teams jobs, much easier. From there we decided that the world needed to hear about this product so I decided to do a Q&A with Nolan about his experience with using it. Before we get into the questions, let me give you a brief rundown on what exactly VoIPmonitor is.

VoIPmonitor is basically a program designed to analyze VoIP calls so quality issues can be easily identified and resolved quicker than ever before. It runs alongside any VoIP network and does not need to be in line to monitor and analyze VoIP traffic. With the program, you can archive calls from multiple PBXs into a single CDR database, decode and play calls from the GUI, show T.38 Fax as a PDF, and monitor call centers and even share CDRs. From the research I’ve done and the information I got from Nolan, it’s safe to say that VoIPmonitor is a one of a kind product that is a must for any VoIP business.

Now let’s get into the Q&A!

Q: What were you doing before VoIPmonitor?

A: Before we discovered VoIPmonitor we would use basic logs from our Asterisk CDRs. They were helpful, but it was extremely difficult to monitor the quality of our VoIP calls and we couldn’t track the call progress at the level we needed too. As we started to grow larger and earn more traffic, we were experiencing more issues because we weren’t able to narrow down the cause of problem. We would have to set up packet captures – which were difficult – and then somehow relay the information to the VoIP Innovations Support Team so they could troubleshoot the issue. This was creating an even bigger problem for us; our customers were starting to lose confidence in our services.

Once we started using VoIPmonitor alongside the Asterisk CDRs, we’ve seen a night and day change. We can jump on the phone with the Support Team, give them our VoIPmonitor information, they almost immediately find the issue, troubleshoot it and we’re back in business! It’s really been a beneficial product for us.

Q: What do you find most valuable about it?

A: I really love that you can view everything about a call from all of our PBXs through one interface that has an extremely powerful filter. I can generally find a call or group of calls in under 10 seconds with the CDR filter. We can even have our CEO login and view an overview by using the CEO/Manager Charts we’ve created. This saves a lot of time for everyone at our company.

VoIPMonitorAnother pro to using VoIPmonitor is that it allows us to easily communicate with the Support Team at VoIP Innovations. Since we’ve started using it, they have been able to almost immediately identify and resolve our issues whether they be with end points, the internet or SIP Trunks. I can firmly say that we’ve grown much more confident when calling Support to help troubleshoot an issue!

Q: Was the setup difficult?

A: This was probably one of the easiest products I’ve ever had to set up. I have a background in Linux, which may have helped some, but Martin Vit, VoIPmonitor’s Developer, really knows how to build great software. VoIPMonitor has a live demo online that you can try out, a 30 day trial license and Martin provides step-by-step installation instructions for many popular Linux Distros; it’s as easy as downloading the software and copying and pasting. Another added bonus was that Martin was readily available if I had any problems. He was quick to respond and provided great support for us. It felt like he was a member of our IT team rather than a sales guy from another company.

Q: How is VoIPmonitor different than any other VoIP troubleshooting product?

A: One element of this product that we couldn’t find anywhere was, and that is very useful to us, is the audio capabilities. Some of our clients have privileged and secure information being passed through their VoIP systems and we need to protect that. VoIPmonitor has the ability to capture the entire call, but then turn off the audio portion so we just have the packet information.

Q: How has VoIPmonitor helped you work better with the Support Team at VoIP Innovations?

A: It has helped us tremendously! Now that we can give the Support Team detailed information, we get any issues identified and resolved quicker than ever before. Not only does VoIPmonitor help me monitor calls, but it helps relay the information that the Support Team needs to avoid doing guess work. I’ve had numerous chats with serveral of the Support Guys about how easy it makes their job when we are able to provide a call sample the first time instead of having to set up a capture and retry until we can recreate the issue. Overall, it’s a great product for just about anyone involved in the VoIP industry.

Thanks for the great chat Nolan!

As for our closing remarks, we want to say that this wasn’t our idea of a sales pitch for VoIPmonitor. This is simply a product that was designed to make the VoIP troubleshooting process a smooth one. As Nolan mentioned in our VoIPmonitor phone call, “This product doesn’t need to be sold because it honestly pays for itself.”

Are there any other products or tips out there that you’d like to share with the world? If so, please shoot me an email and let me know because sharing things like this makes everyone’s lives easier and after all, that’s what we love to do here at VoIP Innovations!

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