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The Restcomm Platform Is Now Available to Customers

Posted by Natalie DeCario on October 3, 2013 at 7:15 AM
Natalie DeCario

We have recently partnered with Telestax, Inc. in order to start offering the Restcomm for VoIP Innovations platform to our customers. If you’re not sure what Restcomm is, I’m about to fill you in! It’s designed to fit the needs of our existing customers who are primarily web developers working for enterprise companies. It’s a 3rd party application that integrates with our services allowing feature rich IP telephony applications that can be hosted in the cloud. Sounds too good to be true, right? Keep reading and you might be surprised!

Restcomm for VoIP Innovations“The market that Restcomm is entering is relatively new, but it’s one that’s going to explode since we’re seeing more and more web developers taking advantage of web API’s,” said Nick Medina, VP of Business Development at VoIP Innovations. “A product like Restcomm is going to greatly benefit our customers because it has the quality and price that they’re not finding anywhere else.”

The plan for Restcomm is to reach key web developers by utilizing two distribution channels: entering the web service marketplace and reaching the enterprise company developers directly. Customers who come from the web service marketplace will be able to purchase the Restcomm product and start using the services almost immediately. Likewise, Restcomm will be an attractive option for enterprise customers who are looking for a more secure way to store data in their onsite server. All they have to do is download the Restcomm product from VoIP Innovations and put it on their server. Not only will this provide them with robust services, but they will have increased data security. Working with Restcomm is really that simple!

"The Telestax team has been in the business of enabling telecom innovation since 2003. With Restcomm for VoIP Innovations we enter a new age of communications that changes the way companies use telephony,” said Co-Founder of Telestax, Ivelin Ivanov. “It is no longer a world of PBX hardware boxes siting in a corner of the office connected to the PSTN and a SIP gateway, but disconnected from all other IT assets. Telephony is now just another set of API’s that can be used for PBX and many other business workflows such as CRM and help desk."

Restcomm is going to be a game changer in the VoIP and web developer industry. Other companies may offer similar products, but Restcomm is the only one that offers the rich experience that customer’s desire, but without the premium price tag required by first generation telecom cloud API providers. For more information on Restcomm for VoIP Innovations, please contact a sales representative at sales@voipinnovations.com.

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