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VoIP Innovations Predicting One Huge Trend for Wholesale VoIP

Posted by Jason Tapolci on November 19, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Jason Tapolci

*Guest Post written by Allison Boccamazzo, TMCnet Web Editor

Wholesale VoIP | VoIP Innovations

Isn’t it just a bit ironic that phone calls became a secondary function of cell phones compared to its additional features such as text messaging? Now with the advent of smartphones, the options are literally endless, as Apple (News - Alert) boasts almost one million (700,000) apps available for instant use at its renowned app store – not to mention all of its other advanced features and functionalities. New research is showing, however, that text messaging – undoubtedly one of every user’s favorite features – is on the decline.

For the first time ever, the number of text messages sent in the United States has dropped, or at least according to a report published this week by Chetan Sharma (News - Alert), an independent mobile analyst and consultant. Although the decline is far from drastic, the 3 percent (or 678 texts per month) drop still points to some significant trends to come – one of which wholesale VoIP provider VoIP Innovations (News - Alert) is confident in making.

As the research notes, text represents a major source of revenue for wireless carriers, so what will this potential shift in mobile communications mean? VoIP Innovations President Jason Tapolci predicts, “In the near future, I see the wireless carriers offering only the network access. It seems like we all will use their network and third party application.”

In other words, this means there could be a noticeable shift towards specialization in the wholesale VoIP community. “In the early days (2008-2010), wholesale VoIP companies tried to be everything for everyone,” Tapolci explains. “Now days, I see a trend of specialization. Most of the major players have a close relationship with each other and stay in contact regularly. These players in wholesale VoIP marketing have begun to focus on particular aspects of the wholesale VoIP offering.”

Some examples Tapolci cites include DIDs and origination, LRN dipping, number peering, CNAM, fax and billing solutions. “Everyone is building their business to their strengths, which is good and unique,” he says. “Unique because we all talk and align our businesses. I buy from who I sell to and vice versa. This has created a very healthy dynamic for this industry and has allowed it to emerge.”

Of course, only time will tell if this in fact will become a significant trend in the wholesale VoIP landscape.

To learn more about VoIP Innovations esteemed offerings, visit www.voipinnovations.com.

*Allison Boccamazzo is a Web Editor for TMCnet. A 2012 graduate of Assumption College, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Writing and Mass Communications. Allison previously worked as a freelance writer for Atlanta-based Blush Magazine, where her areas of reporting included health, beauty, travel and nutrition. Allison completed a successful internship with HGTV Magazine through Hearst Corporation as head editorial intern and also remotely served as an editorial intern for Folio Literary Management based in New York City.


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