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VoIP Innovations Releases Enhanced SIP Termination Services

Posted by Jason Tapolci on February 20, 2013 at 8:30 AM
Jason Tapolci

VoIP Innovations announced the release of their enhanced SIP termination services today. These services were designed to provide additional transparency, reporting, and management tools to their wholesale SIP termination services. Some of the new enhancements include; individual rate deck reporting and management, LRN and rate query tools, and failover management services. This is in addition to their LCR (least cost routing) management system they built and deployed in 2012. VoIP Innovations, already a leader in Wholesale DID origination, decided to enhance their wholesale SIP termination service in an effort to become a wholesale termination leader as well.

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The decision to move forward with these enhancements sprouted from their 2013 annual strategic planning session. VoIP Innovations set a goal to double their termination minutes, a feat that is not easily accomplished in a commodity business. “In order to accomplish our goal, it was apparent that we needed to build additional value into our wholesale termination product”, stated Jason Tapolci – President of VoIP Innovations. Tapolci went on to say, “if you want to compete in the wholesale termination market, you have to offer more than just quality and price, you need a service differentiator.”

The release of VoIP Innovations’ enhanced SIP termination services will mark the differentiator needed to take this industry to the next step. Take for example the ability to manage rate decks and endpoints using the rate deck management page. Customers are already able to access real-time key performance indicators such as; calls, minutes, cost, ASR, ACD, interstate, and intrastate on both the rate deck level and the VoIP Innovations carrier level. ITSPs and resellers will now have the ability to view the carrier stats that make up their LCR rate deck and they'll know what carriers are performing and which ones aren’t. These enhancements add a new level of transparency that most SIP termination providers DON'T offer.

VoIP Innovations already allows customers to change rate decks in real-time which means they can pick and choose which rate decks will assigned to which endpoint group. This recent release adds to this concept by providing a termination failover service. The new service will automatically re-route traffic through another rate deck when a primary route fails. VoIP Innovations assigns multiple rate decks to each reseller account; the reseller simply choses the rate deck, sets the failover priority, and then the failover protection is set. This product shields end users from LCR issues, while giving the reseller the most inexpensive route available.

Also in this release, VoIP Innovations added a more robust SIP termination dashboard, better report management, and more useful tools. The new dashboard provides additional key metrics, which are graphically displayed in a user friendly way. Reporting received a facelift with the addition of the rate deck management and termination trend reports, which gives resellers access to real-time information. Finally, they added a rate query and LRN lookup tool. Both allow resellers to search a number and receive either the rate associated with that route or the LRN assigned to that particular number. These new SIP termination features enhance an already solid service, but more importantly it differentiates their wholesale termination service from the competition.

Jason Tapolci is President of VoIP Innovations, an Inc. 5000 company. They specialize in providing the largest DID and termination VoIP footprints in North America. Their network includes over 500,000 DIDs in stock in over 8,500 rate centers in the US and Canada. Recently, VoIP Innovations expanded their footprint to include DIDs in over 60 countries and now offers A-Z termination. VoIP Innovations is owned by ABG Capital and is based in Pittsburgh, PA. To learn more about VoIP Innovations, visit them at http://www.VoIPInnovations.com.

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