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VoIP Innovations Rolls Out New My E911 Groups

Posted by Natalie DeCario on May 9, 2013 at 6:00 AM
Natalie DeCario

My E911 Groups MenuThis is the second major release we've had at VoIP Innovations this week! Today we launched a new My E911 Groups feature to our BackOffice, Titanium III. These groups are equipped with the tools and metrics that are needed to easily manage a customer’s E911 data.

Earlier this week, we send out a press release and blog post that told you about our updated My Endpoint Groups and if you remember back to early March, a My DID Groups feature was also added to our BackOffice. Since we launched those two features, we've received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and that's what led us to create the My E911 Groups. My E911 Groups function about the same as the My DID Groups and My Endpoint Groups. The differences rest in the key metrics that our customers can gain from looking at the data within each group.

When a customer is looking at the My E911 Groups overview, they can see how many DIDs are associated with each group, E911 MRCs, E911 Calls, Rogue Calls, Rogue Charges and E911 Alerts. They can also see the total cost for each group. From this overview, customer have the ability to edit these groups to change the name and add notes.

My E911 Groups Overview

Once the customer opens a specific group, they will see a breakdown of metrics for each DID within that group. They can then select a certain date range that they would like to see the data for. The data in this section includes the type of DID, E911 Fee, E911 Calls, Rogue Calls, Rogue Charges, Alerts, the date it was provisioned and the total cost for each DID. There is also a bulk action that allows the customer to remove selected DIDs from the group. Both the overview data and the individual group data can be exported to an Excel Spreadsheet or a CSV. For more information on My E911 Groups, please visit the Wiki article.

My E911 Groups Inside ViewAs you probably know from our other blog posts, customer experience is at the top of our list for any projects we start. Any time we develop or updated a feature or functionality, we have the customer in mind and aim to give them the best tools to manage and organize the data they look at on a daily basis.

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