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We’re Showcasing our BackOffice at the ITEXPO!

Posted by Natalie DeCario on June 17, 2013 at 12:17 PM
Natalie DeCario

Titanium III BackOfficeWe rolled out our impressive BackOffice, Titanium III, in 2011 and since then we’ve been doing nonstop updates on it. Each update we do is designed to make it more functional for our customers and from their feedback it seems to be working. The ITEXPO is quickly approaching and we will be showcasing Titanium III, as well as our new and improved Titanium Private Label (TPL) BackOffice (you can expect another blog post with TPL features next week). Since there have been so many updates to the BackOffice, it makes sense to do a rundown on what’s been added.

Let’s first give you a brief background on what it is that our BackOffice actually is. Titanium III is the unique BackOffice we offer to our customers. It was designed to provide them with aggregated, automated and innovative way to operate their business. Anyone can provide wholesale VoIP services, but very few can provide those services AND give customers the tools and metrics that they need to effectively and efficiently manage their accounts in one, easy to use BackOffice. With that being said, let’s get down to business and review the changes we’ve made since the start of this year.


  • SMS features were added to our wholesale DID origination service.
  • E911 Alerts are added.


  • The VoIP Innovations Wiki is added.
    • General BackOffice information and information on sales, support, number porting, provisioning and API
    • Easily available in the BackOffice or by and RSS feed
  • Enhanced SIP Termination Services are released.
    • Additional transparency, reporting and management tools
    • Individual rate deck reporting and management
    • LRN and Rate Query Lookup Tools
    • Failover Management Services
  • Feedback Management System is added.
    • Allows customer to provide feedback and feature requests
    • Shows real-time information regarding the status of their requests


  • Dashboard 2.0 is released.
    • It offers more information with a better display.
  • Endpoint Hunt Type
    • This changes the way we send traffic to our reseller’s endpoints.
    • The two types are Top Down and Round Robin.
  • Service Notifications
    • Alerts customers when changes have been made to their account ie: addition or deletion of services
  • Per DID cost breakdown report was added.
  • Per Endpoint usage cost breakdown reports were added.
  • We reorganized the DID option menu in the billing section.
    • Cleaned up the tab and made things easier to find

    BackOffice Showcase Click to enlarge
  • LNP Provisioning Check is updated.
    • SMS is added to the list of services
  • My DID Groups is added.
    • Organize DIDs into groups
    • Displays DID usage, cost and profit for each group
  • A Bulk DID Failure option is released.
    • Ability to sets call forwards for multiple numbers at one time.
  • DID History Report.
    • Can view changes made to DID(s).
    • Date the change was made, the action that took place, a description, the username and the IP address
  • The billing dashboard is updated with the ability to view any outstanding statements.


  • Our Customer Proprietary Network Information code (CPNI) was enhanced.
    • Protects our customers and only allows account administrators to view the code.
  • My Rate Decks section is added.
    • Shows which rate decks are acting and inactive
    • Displays the overall stats for individual decks.
  • We added end users names to the 911 alert emails.
  • Switch Failure Notifications are added.
    • This notifies customers when they experience a switch failure during inbound calls.


  • My Endpoint Groups are updated.
    • Offers more endpoint metrics such as Orig calls and usage cost, Term calls and usage cost, total costs, gross profit margin, sale price and date range search.
  • My E911 Groups are added.
    • New tools and metrics allow customers to easily group and manage their E911 data.
  • International and Toll-free DIDs are added to My DID Groups.
    • Customers can now add Toll-free and international DIDs to their DID Groups.
  • Tier ad Network columns are added to My DID Groups.


  • Call forwarding
    • Similar to the Failover system, but customers can chose when they want to forward a number instead of having it forwarded due to a failover.

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