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Wholesale Pricing has been added to our Titanium Private Label VoIP Platform

Posted by Natalie DeCario on September 9, 2013 at 8:54 AM
Natalie DeCario

We designed our Titanium Private Label VoIP (TPL) platform to be a turnkey solution for Resellers who were interested in getting started in the VoIP industry. When TPL was started, Resellers only had the option to use a flat rate per line payment structure that included all of our Titanium Private Label VoIP features and functionality..

Sure this is great for Resellers who were new to the market, but it was not ideal for the more advanced Resellers. Those advanced Resellers wanted a better way to manage their C.O.G.S. (cost of goods sold). It didn't take us long to figure out the perfect solutions to this problem; We already offer an excellent wholesale VoIP product with great pricing, so why not make the wholesale pricing structure available to our Titanium Private Label VoIP Resellers?

Titanium Private Label VoIP

Wholesale pricing is different from the original flat rate pricing in that Resellers can now pay for what their end users actually use. We want our Titanium Private Label VoIP platform to attract Resellers just like our industry leading wholesale VoIP services do. The way to do this was to offer the wholesale pricing structure, without the need for Resellers to bring their own platform, equipment or software.

“We see Private Label VoIP or White Label VoIP platforms becoming more and more popular as the VoIP industry continues to grow,” said president of VoIP Innovations, Jason Tapolci. Tapolci went on to say that, “adding wholesale pricing to our TPL Platform allows us to target a wider scope of Resellers, from the novice Reseller to the more advanced Resellers.”

Our wholesale VoIP services succeed because we listen to the feedback from our customers and we use it to make improvements on our services. We plan to do the very same with our Titanium Private Label VoIP platform.

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