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Wholesale VoIP Carrier, VoIP Innovations, Announces New BackOffice Feature

Posted by Jason Tapolci on September 20, 2012 at 6:32 AM
Jason Tapolci

Wholesale VoIP CarrierPremier wholesale VoIP carrier, VoIP Innovations, is pleased to announce a new feature to their unique BackOffice, Titanium III. This new feature is the Bulk Endpoint Group Change. The Bulk Endpoint Group feature allows you to move multiple DIDs between Endpoints, rather than one at a time.

To use this feature, log into your BackOffice. Simply click on "DIDs", then "Bulk Endpoint Group Change". Next, select the new Endpoint. From there, enter your search criteria (Local/Toll-Free Type, Number, or Endpoint Group), then click "Submit".

VoIP Innovations' wholesale VoIP development team is continuously updating and creating new features. Be sure to follow our blog or follow us on twitter (@voipinnovations) so you can stay up to date!

VoIP Innovations is based in Pittsburgh, PA and provides wholesale VoIP services to Carriers, ITSP’s, Calling Centers, Calling Card Companies and SMB/Enterprise. These services include VoIP Origination, Termination, 411, e911, Caller ID and more. To learn more about VoIP Innovations, visit them at or 877-478-6471.

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