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Wholesale VoIP On The Front Lines

Posted by Jason Tapolci on February 22, 2010 at 2:24 PM
Jason Tapolci

Sure, wholesale VoIP is catching on big time. Everybody knows that. It’s just a matter ofWholesale VoIP Titanium III time, and not a whole lot of time, before it eviscerates old-school telephone service. But military-issue VoIP equipment? That’s some serious stuff.

New York-based company Accusonic Products has introduced a multi-platform VoIP vehicle intercom system, designed with the military in mind. It’s not VoIP’s first foray into international conflict, but it may well be the coolest to date.

Accusonic’s offering is an ultra-light yet extremely durable Integrated Multi Platform (ImP) command and control system with the ability to connect 500 separate nodes simultaneously. The system will be able to transmit voice, data and video simultaneously, meaning the crews of light combat vehicles, tanks and assault boats will have an unmatched level of tactical understanding.

This equipment will literally be used to share strategy while defending positions and launching offensives. Yeah, it’s kind of like how you coordinate attacks with your friends while you play Halo on Xbox or Call Of Duty on PS3, except this stuff will actually be utilized by the real military. You know, the ones who risk their lives so you can sit around in and talk smack while playing that video game?

The system is compact and takes up little space compared to legacy systems, and it’s designed to continue working even after it has suffered extensive damage. It’s really advanced, really cool and it literally has the ability to save lives.

I don’t understand how, at this point in its evolution, people still resist VoIP. If it’s reliable enough to be in charge of out troops’ lives, then it’s probably safe to assume it’s reliable enough for your home or business.

The original story I saw this in is here, and you can take a look at Accusonic’s page and products here.

Nick Medina is VP of Business Development for VoIP Innovations. VoIP Innovations provides wholesale VoIP origination and termination services across the globe. They offer one of the largest wholesale VoIP DID warehouses with over 500,000 DID’s in stock in over 8,500 rates centers. Their proprietary software, TITANIUM III, allows ITSP’s to quickly provision DID’s as well as e911, CNAM, caller ID and more. To learn more about the wholesale VoIP carrier, VoIP Innovations, visit them at http://www.voipinnovations.com

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