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Wholesale VoIP Provider Taps Fax Service Demand Pool

Posted by Jason Tapolci on November 15, 2012 at 7:33 AM
Jason Tapolci

Wholesale VoIP Provider

VoIP Innovations adds another feature to their already impressive wholesale VoIP service offerings. New inbound and outbound fax service, or fax-to-email and email-to-fax, is now available on all T38 enabled DIDs. Understanding their customers’ wants is what keeps this wholesale VoIP provider a leader in the industry.

In today’s demand driven economy it’s important to identify demand profit pools with unfulfilled needs, and then fill, or even better, exceed those needs. With an abundance of supply in every market, the only way to win is by identifying and catering to specific demand profit pools.

In the wholesale VoIP provider market, one provider does just this. VoIP Innovations understands the demand landscapes of their profit pools. Targeting customers who want aggregation, automation, and innovation has led VI to experience rapid growth in a highly competitive market.

Recently VoIP Innovations announced a new inbound and outbound fax service offering, adding yet another feature to their already extensive wholesale VoIP service offering. This new offering was designed specifically for the ITSP and reseller profit pools. VoIP Innovations new fax service, provides both inbound (fax-to-email) and outbound (email-to-fax) capabilities.

“Listening to what our customers (profit pools) want or what we call their current demand, stated Jason Tapolci, President of VoIP Innovations, “was a large factor when deciding to invest resources into a fax solution.”

VoIP Innovations’ fax-to-email (inbound) product is very easy to understand and use. All of VoIP Innovations T38 (fax) enabled DIDs have the ability to turn on or turn off fax-to-email capabilities. All the user has to do is add one or multiple email recipients then send. This can be done anytime and in real-time through each of our customers’ innovative Titanium III Wholesale BackOffice. Any faxes sent to this DID, will automatically be emailed to those recipients.

Conversely, VoIP Innovations’ email-to-fax is an outbound service that allows users to send faxes via email. Simply send an email with an attachment using any email browser and VoIP Innovations’ system will convert that email into a traditional fax. Management is easily completed using their innovative Titanium III BackOffice. The only action needed is to add an email address to a particular DID and this email address is ready to send faxes via email.

“Understanding current demands are simply table stakes; truly great companies understand what their profit pools want but don’t realize they want,” Tapolci continues to say. “We refer to this as latent and emerging demands, something we are always working to identify.”

To this point, VoIP Innovations has begun work on solutions to satisfy these demands.

“By the end of 2012, we fully anticipate launching our SMS product,” stated Nick Medina, VP of Product Development. “Additionally, in early December, VoIP Innovations plans to launch their new Titanium III Private Label Hosted PBX solution. Private Label is a fully turnkey hosted PBX platform, designed to satisfy the non-switch owner demand pool.”

VoIP Innovations is a wholesale VoIP provider based in Pittsburgh, Pa and provides wholesale VoIP services to Carriers, ITSP’s, Calling Centers, Calling Card Companies and SMB/Enterprise. These services include VoIP Origination, Termination, Toll-Free, 411, e911, Caller ID, CNAM and more. VoIP Innovations was recently awarded #744 on the 2012 Inc. 5000 list and #12 on the Pittsburgh Business Times 100 List of Fastest-growing Pittsburgh-area Private Companies. For more information about VoIP Innovations, visit http://www.voipinnovations.com

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