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Wholesale VoIP Provider, VoIP Innovations, Employee Update

Posted by Jason Tapolci on November 7, 2012 at 5:29 AM
Jason Tapolci

Over the past few months, VoIP Innovations, an ABG Capital portfolio company, has received positive feedback from many customers. More specifically, this wholesale VoIP provider's porting department continues to be highlighted amongst their customers.

Wholesale VoIP VoIP Innovations Porting Department

Last month, Dave Smith, Provisioning Specialist in the porting department for the wholesale VoIP Carrier, VoIP Innovations, was in the spotlight for excellent customer service. VI customer David Wessell, from Ring Free Communications, LLC, sent this feedback

“Just wanted to give you some feedback on David. If he’s not in charge of porting, give him a promotion. We port lots of DID’s with lots of different vendors, and David’s the rock star out of all of them. Anytime we have any difficult issues with porting (and let’s face it, porting is never easy) he always does the deep dive into the issue and gets me the information that I need. The rest of your port team is good, I’m not knocking them, but David’s your rock star out there.”

Provisioning Manager at VoIP Innovations, Jessica Young, was recognized for her excellent customer service skills. Steven V. Jackson from InterQOS, Inc wrote:

“I don’t have much time for this kind of thing, so I hope you realize how sincere I am when I take the time to write a note in praise of a trade partner’s personnel. With a recent problem, I contacted Jessica Young as the LNP manager for VI. She listened with real interest as I recounted the bizarre situation and stepped up on behalf of VI to get the problem solved. I would guess she in fact furthered our joint cause by documenting an improved means of handling these types of future port-ins which will bring less work to us all and a better end user impression. She presented herself in a very professional manner in the midst of an obviously frustrating situation making a very good impression on behalf of all of VI."

Mr. Jackson goes on to say, "A business is really nothing more than a collection of agreements. Stake holders agree to certain objectives leading to a profit. Employees agree to perform certain defined duties leading to a pay check. The chasm between these two types of agreements often presents the root of a business’s failures or successes. Jessica Young presented herself in this situation as a true stake holder who understoodthe broader scope of our issue. She protected our joint interests at the business objective level rather than the 'how do I have the easiest job' level of a simple employee and that isworthy of our admiration. My sincere compliments to Jessica; and to VoIP Innovations for having her on your side.”

Porting Department VoIP Innovations Porting Department

Also in the VoIP Innovations’ porting department, Heather Halpern, Provisioning Specialist, and Denise Breide, Provisioning Project Specialist, were both recently acknowledged for their hard work. Matt Collins from CCD Service, LLC wrote:

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how grateful I am for Heather & Denise in the LNP department. There was a small wholesaler who closed their doors last week with a couple numbers. We know that the emergency ports are never fun but they went the extra mile to make sure that everything went as smoothly as it could.”

To encourage a motivating workspace, ABG Capital employees created an “Atta Boy!” board where they will showcase these reviews and the employees providing the exceptional service. In addition to these positive reviews, ABG Capital's Graphic Designer, Ryan Rice, created a caricature of these four employees to be added to our board.

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