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VoIP Innovations Is Tax Compliant in All 50 States

Posted by Jason Tapolci on April 20, 2012 at 6:14 AM
Jason Tapolci

Wholesale VoIP Provider, VoIP Innovations, Is Tax Compliant in All 50 States


Wholesale VoIP Provider


VoIP Innovations, North America’s premier wholesale VoIP carrier, is reminding the industry that it is tax compliant in all 50 US States. “Tax compliance is going to become a very important issue for VoIP Providers in 2012. Those carriers that are not tax compliant are putting their business and customers at risk,” stated Jason Tapolci, President for VoIP Innovations. “A lot of customers are dependent on their carrier to collect the proper taxes as they are not fully aware of what taxes they should be collecting.” VoIP Innovations has partnered with Compliance Solutions, Inc for several years in order to solve the headaches associated with taxes.

Although the barrier to entry for VoIP is quite low, the tax burden associated with VoIP services is starting to become a larger burden for most resellers. As revenue shifts from traditional phone service to VoIP telephony, states and municipalities are finding their tax base and revenues eroding. They are responding to this shift by aggressively going after VoIP resellers and carriers. It is the responsibility of the carrier to collect the proper taxes if the reseller does not. Choosing a carrier that is not tax compliant could have very large financial consequence for the reseller.

“VoIP Innovations’ compliance status is a huge benefit for its customers,” stated Nick Medina, VP of Business Development. “Our goal at VoIP Innovations is to not only provide great quality and pricing, but to also provide those services that makes our customers’ life easier. It is common to hear a customer state they don’t have to pay those taxes because another other carrier doesn’t collect those. Ultimately, the customer can be held responsible and that is a huge risk to by not dealing with compliant providers.” VoIP Innovations’ tax department is available to discuss any tax compliance issues with its existing or prospective customers. It is a service that will help customers determine what taxes they are exempt from paying and what should be collected.

Brett Hall, owner of a local ISP in California, stated “I received a letter from the City of Los Angeles stating that I was responsible for collecting taxes on VoIP services. I contacted VoIP Innovations and found out they were already paying those taxes. It was a huge relief.”

VoIP Innovations is based in Pittsburgh, PA. To learn more about VoIP Innovations, visit them at http://www.VoIPInnovations.com or 877-478-6471.

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