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Introducing International Fraud Protection

Posted by Natalie DeCario on January 14, 2019 at 9:38 AM
Natalie DeCario

We all understand the risks associated with conducting international business. Fraud is prevalent in our space and we’re constantly looking for ways to fight it. One way we’re tackling this issue is by introducing a new service for our customers:
International Fraud Protection.

You may remember the soft spending limits that we had. Well, we’ve taken those limits and transformed them into a protection system that will safeguard your account in the event that you’re hit by a fraudulent attack that could potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With our new International Fraud Protection system, you’re able to set daily spend limits for each endpoint group. We’ve also built in a feature that allows you to set cost per minute limits.

After you set your daily spend limits, our network will restrict the ability to make international calls once your account reaches these pre-set thresholds. There will be no additional calls made until the next day when your spend limits are reset to a balance of $0.00 or if the limit is increased to a new amount. If you set a per minute allowance, any calls that exceed the limit will simply not be placed.

You will be able to manage your spend limits from the new Endpoint Group Management page in the BackOffice. This page is more streamlined and allows you to manage your endpoint groups in one section versus three different pages. You can find this new page under Endpoint Groups > Endpoint Group Management. On this page, you will see a new spend limit option underneath each endpoint group. 

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EPG Management Page_Limits Set

We’ve designed our International Fraud Protection system to be simple and effective. It will help mitigate any fraudulent activity that you might face when placing calls outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Protect yourself today and set your spend limits. It’ll cost you nothing but a few minutes of setup time. If you’re an existing customer who’s ready to get started with our new Fraud Protection services, you can login to your BackOffice account right here. If you’re not a customer, please contact us today and we’ll get you set up with an account!


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