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Introducing Our New Unlimited SMS Forwarding Service

Posted by Daniel McFarland on April 13, 2016 at 11:45 AM
Daniel McFarland

plainSmsGraphic.jpgIf you took enough time to draw your eyes from your text message inbox to read this blog, I thank you. For better or for worse, texting has become the largest channel for communication. 

It’s no surprise that SMS (Short Message Service), more commonly known as text messaging, has become the primary way for all of us to communicate, especially in our increasingly busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

Our latest product, SMS Forwarding is a new feature for Local DIDs that will allow you to use one number to receive your messages and keep your personal cell number private. If you find yourself juggling multiple numbers, this feature is great for you! Also, if you hate giving away your personal cell number, your office number can be used to forward messages to your personal device and email!

So why is it important in the VoIP world?  The answer: the increasing trend of VoIP on mobile. Mobile devices are no longer just for making calls. Now, mobile devices have become handheld computers. With data plans, we are seeing more and more users using a VoIP number with SMS capabilities.  This means if you’re a VoIP provider it’s a must that you choose a carrier that offers SMS capabilities with their DIDs.

I want to learn more about SMS Forwarding!

“For the past couple of weeks we’ve been steadily offering our customers great time-limited promotions, first with the 25¢ DIDs, followed by the 65¢ E911 services, and then the 25¢ Toll-Free DIDs—now we’re giving them a fantastic feature that’s going to stick around," said Jason Tapolci, President. "SMS Forwarding is yet another way we are sticking to our Brand Promise of giving our customers choice, automation, and control.”

With this deal you will also be able to:

  • Forward messages to any email or number
  • Enjoy privacy by forwarding text messages to your personal number or email through VoIP DIDs
  • Use your work, home, and cell numbers without compatibility issues
  • Reply to messages from your email or SMS enabled handset 

We hope that SMS Forwarding will be a great addition to your service portfolio. If you would like to see SMS Forwarding in action and you don't have an account with us yet, sign up for a Free Trial today!

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