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SMS Services are Now Available on All DIDs!

Posted by Cody M. Ferenchak on October 26, 2016 at 11:13 AM
Cody M. Ferenchak

In this day in age it seems as if we're constantly glued to our phones. What some may believe to be a rude or improper method of communication, may have a flip side; especially for business. At VoIP Innovations we believe that it's not the method of communication that is important--but the intent behind the message. 20161018_SMS_Graphic_Circle-2.png

We also agree that SMS messaging (texting) is where it's at; it's the "bees knees" as the saying goes. Ok, we may not have the jokes under our belt, but we sure do get what it takes to have a fantastic SMS service. A service that we'd like to announce is now available on all Local and Toll-Free DIDs! 

We have been working to enhance our SMS offering and are proud to announce that all VoIP Innovations' customers can now enable SMS services on any Local or Toll-Free DID for only $1 per DID. Along with having this feature on any DID, customers can also enjoy our SMS Forwarding feature that allows them to use an email address, text-enabled phone, or mobile device to send and receive text messages. 

Start using SMS now!

Why SMS?

So why is SMS important in the VoIP world?  Answer: the increasing trend of VoIP on mobile. Mobile devices are no longer just for making calls. Now, mobile devices have become handheld computers. With data plans, we are seeing more and more users using a VoIP number with SMS capabilities.  This means if you’re a VoIP provider it’s a must that you choose a carrier that offers SMS capabilities with their DIDs.

Enjoy these features with SMS:

  • Available in the continental US 48
  • Flat rate unlimited In/Out bound messaging
  • Message forwarding to any email or number
  • Send/receive text messages on your VoIP DIDs
  • Instantly provision SMS to DID(s)
  • Group SMS DIDs by end user
  • Assign SMS Groups to Clients
  • Access to our and easy-to-use API
  • Detailed Reporting (Usage and Rates)

We hope that these SMS features will be a great addition to your DIDs offering. Are you ready to start utilizing SMS today? Not a customer? Sign up with VoIP Innovations today to access these great features as well as other add-ons for DIDs to further your business' efficiency!

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