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It’s All About the CPaaS Services

Posted by Alan Quayle on February 7, 2018 at 11:16 AM

VoIP Innovations
is a new sponsor of TADHack-mini Orlando coming up on March 10-11 just before Enterprise Connect. They are also a sponsor of TADHack Global on October 13-14, and TADSummit on November 13-14. You can learn more about VoIP Innovations here.

VoIP Innovations (VI) is a great example of the post-CPaaS market. Much like the word "cloud," CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) is a term that has become a little over-used in the marketing world, covering a broad range of business descriptions such as:

  • Wholesale PSTN aggregation: Example providers include SAP, Syniverse, BICS, CLX, Voxbone, and Bandwidth. It’s a mature market by carrier divisions or carrier proxies.
  • PSTN aggregation: Nexmo, Twilio, Tyntec, Apifonica, Messagebird, CM Telecom, Voxbone, CLX. It’s the core of what we know as CPaaS, but increasingly commoditized and augmented by the categories below.
  • It’s All About the CPaaS ServicesIP aggregation: Extend PSTN aggregation to IP services like WebRTC and IP messaging such as Viber and Facebook Messenger. This was led by Nexmo (now Vonage) and followed by rest.
  • A2P (Application to Person) Services: Value added services on top of telecom APIs, e.g. 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) by Telesign (now part of BICS) or Mobile Marketing by Mblox (now part of CLX).
  • CPaaS enablement: Software or cloud service to enable companies to offer telecom APIs from the likes of Genband Kandy, Telestax, and traditional carrier vendors. I must make a note here that API management software (e.g. Apigee/Google, WSO2) is often mislabeled as CPaaS enablement. It is not, it’s just a component.
  • Enterprise platform APIs: Where Unified Communications / Contact Center / Collaboration services offer APIs to access their services, e.g. Ringcentral, Zang.io (Avaya), Genband, etc.

I did mention the term has become a little over-used ;) And that’s because its seen as fashionable so all the marketing folks jump on using the term. In the limit, CPaaS is just a way of exposing telecom services through APIs. It’s a technology, a tool and it’s how you use the tool that matters.

And this is where VoIP Innovations demonstrates its leadership, in focusing on what it offers to customers, not the technology label.

VoIP Innovations has phone numbers in over 60 countries, supports over 2000 CSP/MSP (Communication Service Providers / Managed Service Providers), which in turn support hundreds of thousands of businesses. A recent weblog on Unified Communication in Europe highlights the important role MSPs play in delivering services to enterprises.

VI helps their customers (the CSPs/MSPs) through automating the provision of VoIP services provided by their network. And with their acquisition of Apidaze (a CPaaS), VI can now support lots of new services. It really is that simple. Examples of services include: 21st Century voicemail from Voxist, call center from Ottspott, conferencing, unified communications, collaboration, fax to email, and many more. All available off-the-shelf in VI’s Showroom for the CSPs/MSPs to provide to their enterprise customers.

Visit us at TADHack Mini in Orlando on March 10-11!Now under the hood is a CPaaS, and that offers a broad range of capabilities including: voice, SMS, WebRTC, text to speech, voice recording, IVR, call tracking, etc. Upon which the Showroom's services are built. Through the APIs those services are easy to customize, integrate and verticalize (packaged so it’s easy to use for verticals, e.g. Dentist, Doctors, Lawyers, Banks, Accountants). As well as for entrepreneurs to innovate upon with new services ideas.

It’s an old refrain from me, in a post-CPaaS world 'it’s all about the services.' VI offers services to their MSP/CSP customers through their network which is automated through their BackOffice platform. It’s the vision the big carriers have been trying to reach for over one decade, and VI just did it! The key to success is focusing on making it as easy as possible for the MSPs/CSPs to provide incremental value to their enterprise customers through compelling new services using the processes and platforms the MSPs/CSPs use every day.

Please join us at TADHack-mini Orlando on 10-11 March to experience VoIP Innovations first-hand. As mentioned in another weblog using a quote from Albert Einstein, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” And TADHack delivers that experience!

And that is not all. If you build your hack into a deployable service, VI will promote your service in their Showroom for their 2000 service provider partners to sell to their customers across North America. From a hack over one weekend in March you could build a business!


Interested in learning more about CPaaS and what it could mean for you? Download our Definitive Guide today!

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