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Just How Well Does your DID Service Work?

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on February 22, 2018 at 3:46 PM

Every day, countless phone numbers are purchased by VoIP companies to drive business. This is done using Direct Inward Dialing (DID), a service that allows them to allocate a range of numbers across one or more phone lines. They can assign personal numbers to individual employees that connect to the PBX, without needing a separate physical phone line for each.

Just How Well Does your DID Service Work?The benefits here are huge: improved call management, better customer value, expedited processes and lower costs. Users can also enjoy a breadth of features including fax-to-email, SMS and E911 service. Depending on the provider, businesses can even gain access to customized reports that offer full transparency into DID usage, cost and profit.

So, how does your organization’s DID service measure up? Use the below chart to compare against our local, toll-free and international offerings:


Local Toll-Free International Additional Features
DID access to the US48, Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico Access to U.S., Canada, and international Toll-Free destinations Access to DIDs in over 60 countries worldwide Choose DIDs by network(s), carrier(s), price or tier
DIDs in 8,500 U.S. rate centers Access to our RespOrg to purchase directly from SMS800 (National TFN Database) Choose DIDs from multiple international carriers Choose a carrier using a service performance ranking system (this system compares carriers based on network statistics and customer feedback)
Hundreds of thousands of DIDs in an easily accessible number warehouse Provides carrier redundancy and failover protection   Manage number services on a customizable widget dashboard
      SMS enablement and messaging (on- and off-net)
      Group DIDs by end user, with the ability to assign groups to clients
      Set rules to automatically re-order DIDs


 Learn more about our DID services with our Coverage Map or give us a call!

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