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Like it or Not, Toll-free Numbers Still Deliver Significant Value

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on September 24, 2018 at 9:17 AM

There’s no denying the evolution of customer communications over the last 20 years. Today, tens of millions of text messages, online messages and social posts are
sent each minute for brand engagement. But that doesn’t invalidate the telephone as a critical touchpoint.

Consider the financial services industry: 84% of customers say they still want the option of a live person for discussing their banking needs, and expect this need to stay the same five years from now. Even millennials still prefer phone for handling certain banking needs (a recent study from Humley found that 5Like it or Not, Toll-free Numbers Still Deliver Significant Value6% would rather communicate with a live person than a chatbot).

We see this pattern across several industries. When traveling, 89% of customers prefer help from a live person when something has gone wrong. In healthcare, 94% of patients prefer to speak with a real person than a virtual agent. Overall, phone has proven to be invaluable during certain stages of the customer journey, like in the purchase phase of the buying cycle or when a problem occurs.

And how do customers typically reach out in these instances? The majority (63%) call a company’s toll-free phone number. Contrary to popular belief, demand for toll-free numbers has not slowed down. In fact, the annual growth rate in registered numbers has remained at nearly 9% since 2010, with 40 million numbers in use today.

Outside of customer demand, companies continue to invest in toll-free numbers for amplifying operations. Consider campaign tracking, where a toll-free number can be assigned to multiple different campaigns (i.e. billboard ad, radio ad, social ad) to see which perform best.

Organizations can capitalize on those campaigns that convert at the best rate, adjusting their advertising budget accordingly. This is worth noting, considering that 76% of marketers still struggle to track the ROI of their campaigns. The same can also be said about call tracking via Google, which maximizes visibility into prospects, leads and selling opportunities.

Toll-free numbers still deliver significant value, both for customers calling them and organizations using them. How can your business more strategically use toll-free numbers?


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