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Meet Our Technical Support Team!

Posted by Cherie L. Steffen on April 20, 2015 at 2:00 PM
Cherie L. Steffen

Surely you’ve called a technical support line before. You know how it goes--you have no idea where you’re calling, who you’re talking to, or if you’re even going to reach a live person, but you know you need to talk to someone NOW. It can be maddening. You want a human; not a robot. And you want a human who knows how to handle your problem quickly and efficiently. It’s time you met our VI Technical Support Team.

The last time we introduced you to our Support Team was quite some time ago. We have some new team members, the old ones may have new hobbies, some have had familial changes, etc. Whatever the case, it was time for an updated post! So let’s have you meet our Support Team again or for the very first time. They’re real, live humans in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and they know their stuff.

Technical Service Coordinator

"I'm 31 years old and have been working at VoIP Innovations for a little over six years. Initially I started in the Porting Department and moved over to Technical Support so I know a decent bit about both departments. In my free time, I spend a pretty nice chunk of time either playing video games or spending time with friends and family. Beyond this, I'm really interested in music and play the saxophone."

Team Lead

“I enjoy spending time with my siblings. I'm the oldest of 5 children so believe me, there is plenty of time to be spent. I also enjoy relaxing and hanging out with my puppy Paisley. One of my favorite hobbies is watching movies and adding to my Blu-Ray collection. On the weekends, I participate in a flag football league with my friends.”

Technical Service Representative

“I was raised around computers and have been working in the computing/telecommunications fields at various capacities since 1998. Computing aside, I am an avid sailor, deep sea fisherman, beachgoer, guitarist, chef, and car enthusiast. “

Technical Service Representative III

"I’ve been with the company for over five years now and am a Technical Service Representative III. I like the fast pace and technical aspects of my position. In my free time, I love spending time with my wife. We enjoy playing video games together, going to heavy metal concerts/listening to music, dining out, and traveling when possible. I also really enjoy watching the Steelers during football season."

Technical Service Representative II

“I have been with VoIP Innovations for over two years and it is a constant learning process every day. The things I like most about VoIP are the different types of issues you see on a day-to-day basis. I currently have two degrees--a Bachelor’s in Sport Business and an Associate’s in Computer Network Systems. I base my life around family, friends, and sports. When I’m not at work, I’m working out or making frequent trips to Cleveland to watch a game. In my free time, I enjoy golfing, playing basketball, and baseball as I am a washed-up college athlete. I am a very outgoing person and get along with pretty much everyone.”  

Technical Service Representative II

“I've been with VoIP Innovations for over a year and love the technical aspect of this industry. I really enjoy helping customers through their problems and I learn new things every single day. We have a great staff in support, and the senior techs are always willing to help out when they can. Outside of work I love spending time with my wife and children. We have a hectic life as of right now so when we can spend time together we make the best of it. My 5-year-old son signed up for tee-ball this year so I definitely look forward to coaching him along the way. I enjoy video games, watching movies, and going out to dinner with my wife, along with anything Steelers/Penguins/Pirates. I also enjoy reading up on history.”

Technical Service Representative II


"I have been with the company for a little over three years. I enjoy a good challenge and strive to learn new things every day. My main hobbies include listening to music, video games, and watching documentaries. Some of my other hobbies are collecting radioactive items, building Tesla Coils, and making high voltage art."

Technical Service Representative


"I recently joined VoIP Innovations and am enjoying the new learning experiences in this area of the tech field. Currently, I am pursuing an Associates and a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems. In my free time, I enjoy spending it with the Mrs. and the children, playing video games, and going disc golfing."

Technical Service Representative

“I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems and I am the newest addition to the VoIP Innovations' team. I am very outgoing and easy to get to know. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends, playing video games, fishing, and anything else that involves being outdoors.”

Jake Lynch
Technical Service Representative

Jake_New Employee.jpg

"I started my job with VoIP Innovations in June 2017. I am excited to work with everyone here and I look forward to learning about VoIP and working with customers. When I'm not at work, I'm mostly playing golf or playing video games with friends. I also love music. I enjoy heavy metal as well as some electronic music. I used to play the drums and guitar in high school."

Doug Moore
Technical Service Representative

Doug_ New Employee.jpg
Bio coming soon!

We obviously think our Support Team is made up of an amazing group of people. And it turns out, you do too! Because as much as we let them know how we feel, it simply feels good to hear kind words about our team coming straight from YOU. We make sure to pass along each and every one to them. Here are a just a few compliments from thankful customers who took the time to share some of their appreciation:

“Everything looks good now. Thanks so much for all of the great follow ups over the phone and email to help me get this resolved. You guys are great.”  – Concord Communications

“Hello, I want take a moment to say how pleased we are that Michael D. went above and beyond to help us resolve this issue. Thank you for the great customer service.” – DataComCorp

“You guys are the best!” –VoIPCO

"I love the fact that whenever I call in I feel like I'm talking to a friend and not a drone. VoIP Innovations is personable and it's like inviting your friends over for dinner!" - KW Corporation

"This kind of support is rare. And I will not forget it." - Secure Networks, LLC

And that’s it for our Support Team! Perhaps you have some things in common? Anyhow, now you can put a face to the voice you’re hearing if you happen to give us a call. We've also blogged about our awesome Porting Team, so be sure to check them out, too!
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