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MSPs: Give Yourself the Same Great Treatment You Give Customers

Posted by Allison Boccamazzo on August 27, 2018 at 1:00 PM

The global managed service provider (MSP) market is growing fast (as in, slated-to-be-a-$300-billion-industry-by-2019 fast). Technology is advancing at an unbelievable rate with increased focus on specialty services for meeting specific vertical and business requirements. That has put MSPs in a comfy position, offering specific market knowledge and an understanding of evolving customer needs.

MSPs, Give Yourself the Same Great Treatment

At a time of incredible growth opportunity, MSPs can’t afford to fall behind. Yet that’s exactly the risk they take without the right backend solution to support their business; one that ensures organizational agility, competitive differentiation and strategic growth. In the end, every benefit of working with a trusted MSP—minimized risk, proactive problem-solving, reliable service—depends on that provider’s backend platform.

Here are a few things providers should keep in mind for maximizing their BackOffice investment…

  • Choice: Choice is vital for streamlining operations and increasing productivity. Consider the benefits of carrier choice at VoIP Innovations. We give customers the choice to select the carriers they want to use. We also eliminate the hassle of maintaining multiple agreements, orders, cancellations, and service changes.
  • Automation: Automation is critical for minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency to drive optimized, scalable growth. Consider our inventory automation system that allows users to set rules to automatically reorder DIDs, search and purchase numbers, and eliminate inventory carrying costs.
  • Control: You need the freedom to control services and costs how you see fit. Consider the ability to completely control DIDs with real-time feature customization, number provisioning, integrated note-taking, and intuitive, multi-channel alerts.

This trifecta empowers MSPs to strategically yet cost-effectively expand without compromising quality. Just as MSPs must deliver the latest technology for the customer’s competitive advantage, they must ensure they have the best technology for managing their own services.  

Our goal is to keep MSPs from becoming MIA. VoIP Innovations’ BackOffice platform was designed to bridge the gap between delivering next-gen telephony services and the operational processes needed to distribute them. Our mantra is simplicity, and our motivator is success. See for yourself—sign up for a BackOffice account today!

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